20min FTP Test with Neo 2 VS Vector 3

I need suggestions on how best to do the 20 minute FTP test because I have a bit of a conflict:

I want to use my Tacx Neo 2 as well as my Vector 3 as a power source, all connected via ANT +, since I am recording my workouts with the Garmin Edge 830 at the same time to get the training load rating from Garmin.

No sooner said than done, at the beginning the FTP test starts in ERG mode, so far, with 5 minutes clearing effort the ERG mode is automatically switched to level mode, but the resistance becomes so heavy that I have to switch to the lightest gear and only achieve a cadence of 60 (puhhhh).

After the 5 minute effort, the system automatically switches back to ERG mode, so far as good as when the real 20 minutes started, I had to pedal at a cadence of 100 to achieve the target power, which was actually feasible, but only in hardest gear.
I thought OK, that can be done, but after about 10 minutes the hammer, it was automatically switched from the ERG to level mode, I had to stop for a short time, switch to the lightest gear and could only with a cadence of approx. 60 keep the power, only when cooling down was switched back to ERG mode.

Is that normal?

or can I not use the Vector 3 in the FTP test and only pair it with my Garmin?

That doesn’t sound right to me, what software are you using to control the trainer?
Regardless of the above, when you’re doing a 20 minute test don’t use ERG mode for the 5 min & 20 min effort as for both of those intervals it’s a flat out effort.

When you switch to the resistance mode, it could be, that the resistance is way off of what you want it to be. Maybe you can go to the device settings and change the resistance there to something you like.

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it worked without any problem on Zwift for over one year, Neo2 was controlled by Zwift and used the Power Measurement of Vector 3, seems in Trainerroad on WIN10 it is different where i got the probs.

The meain resaon why i use the vector 3, because there is ~10 Watt difference between Neo2 and Vector 3 and i want to use same FTP for indoor and outdoor.

that means i have more or less to calibrate the resistance mode in Trainerroad?

Use the ramp test instead. Otherwise, hit up TR support for help.

i already contacted support, but got no answer, anyway i have forseen a ramp test for tuesday, so i will see, the ramp test works 100% with ERG?

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It does. All ERG.

You will need to set the resistance slider beside the mode setting display in resistance mode to a point you like it. You should only have to do this once (per device). The default setting is way too high for a neo.

Edit: I have the 2T set to 8% in resistance mode. This works for me.