FTP Test was impossible for me!

Hello, I recently purchased the Neo 2t, garmin fenix, and a trek domane 4 to get back into cycling. I wanted to get some baseline readings of my fitness level as I haven’t ridden seriously in over 5 years. While I admit I am not in great cycling shape, I couldn’t even get an FTP reading when the guided test was complete as I couldn’t maintain the proper power zones. Now I am not in bad shape, I can still ride fairly decent, imo. However, for the maximum effort I was putting in I found it impossible to maintain anything above 150w, really 110w was even a struggle. I did notice that my speed, distance, and cadence sensors had disconnected from my garmin watch. Does effect the test? Does it mess with calibration of the zones? The power meter maintained connection. On a side note I cruised through the threshold test in the running section and then ran for another hour. I know running fit isn’t cying fit, but it was really difficult. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Have you reached out to support? This sounds like an equipment issue.

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Yes, start with support@trainerroad.com for help with this. They have access to logs and support info that we don’t, here on the forum.

This sounds like you were in Resistance or Standard mode, not Erg. Since you’re just getting back into cycling, I assume you do not have much recent experience riding on a trainer, therefore controlling power in Resistance or Standard mode could be challenging. I recommend switching to Erg mode (whereby the trainer will adjust resistance based on your cadence to maintain the power).

Dropping the speed, cadence, and distance sensors from your watch has no impact.