20 min FTP test with Elite Direto trainer

Hello, I’m looking for advice on my Direto / Traineroad set up for FTP test. I usually use ERG mode for normal workouts. But for 20 min FTP test, it manually overrides sections and supposedly simulates a 3% gradient. When the 20min manual stage kicks in, i’m down to lowest gear 34 x 32 and grinding away at circa 82 rpm and about 250watts. No way could i sustain even 2nd gear on cassette. Think i’ve got weight settings okay and normally ERG training seems okay too. A previous Ramp test calculated my FTP at around 245 before. Just surprised at how hard it was and being pushed to easiest gear just to survive test? Any ideas gratefully received. Cheers David.

Go into the app, devices and then your direto you should see a percentage setting for resistance when not in erg mode. Pull it back down to a few percent and that should allow you to run a bigger gear


See the “Changing Modes” section and you can see the Resistance setting (in percent).

If you are on PC/Mac, the setting is right on screen during the test session and can be adjusted with the mouse on screen, or the Left / Right arrows on the keyboard


Thanks very much. It never occurred to me to consider that there might be a resistance setting as i always use ERG for training. Guess what it was set at… Yep, 100%… No wonder i nearly buried myself on a 3% incline… Cheers


Thanks for the instructions Chad. It explains it well. It was set at 100%. Cheers for the advice.


Think ive mine set around 22%, should let u get the big ring if desired.


Thanks for the tips. It sounds like a bit of trial and error. I’m not too fussed about the big chain ring, but having nowhere to go when in lowest gear and still on the limit was pretty uncomfortable. Think i’m going to feel it tomorrow. Cheers.

Before jumping on your next 20min FTP test, it may be useful to do a quick dry run to get an idea of the ideal gear/cadence range you’ll need for your target power.

This should help to minimize shifting during your test :+1:t2:

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