10 - 14 days off with back injury - adjustments to plan?

Had just under a week off with a back injury (muscle spasm and restricted movement), starting to see some improvements and thinking I could be back on the bike within another week. Currently in IM Base MV plan with a view to IM Western Australia early December (looking unlikely being in the UK but I’m ploughing ahead anyway!).

Most of my training has been bike based with 1 / 2 sea swims a week for the last 6 weeks. Limited running up to sort of 10km at the moment. Any views on plan adjustments / workout intensities etc. from people who’ve had similar issues?

Having had various back and other injuries over the years, my N=1 would be to take it one day at a time, listen to your body, and not really think about a plan until you’re confident that your body is up to it. I find a plan can be counterproductive as my natural instinct to stick to the plan can override listening to my body and lead to me trying to do too much too soon. Some injuries clear up surprisingly quickly with no after effects, others can linger for months and cause all kinds of other niggles and problems.

If you can identify which of the disciplines is triggering it I’d scale back those sessions. Drop them if necessary. It’s usually the bike for me. I find the swim generally helps prevent back pain, though bizarrely last time I’d back trouble it was the swim. I took a couple of weeks off and it sorted itself out.

I’d take it handy for the first week back and then if you’ve time in the plan I’d repeat the last 2-3 weeks in the plan - so you can build up intensity again instead of jumping straight back in.

If it’s the lower back, I’d try to do some unloaded deadlift movements. No weights. Even just single leg slightly bent and bending at the hip, with your back nice and straight. Gentle enough that it doesn’t trigger anything, while getting some glute engagement. Works for me anytime I feel I’m starting to stiffen up a bit.

Sorry if some of that is very obvious.