Getting back on the bike after three weeks of illness

I was out of commission for three weeks and am finally healthy enough to get back on the bike and resume regular training. On the plus side, I lost 2.5 kg. Unfortunately, 1 kg of that was muscle tissue (according to my Withings scale).

I had Plan Builder tailor a plan for me, but since I had to put in fake race dates at the time anyway, I’m happy to start from scratch. Before I stopped, I was just finishing the last “real” week of SSB1 MV, which I finished half-way before the rest week.

So my plan is as follows: I want to repeat the last two weeks of proper workouts of SSB1, followed by the rest week, but reduce the intensity of my first weeks’ workouts. Does that sound sensible?

I would take one week of just riding around without any intervals or high intensity. Just getting back on the back and do some zone 1 & 2. After that I would do as you suggested, but I would really lower the intensity to give myself a good chance of completing the workouts. My self esteem goes out the window with illness so that’s import for the mental game. During your recovery week make sure to do a new ftp test but don’t worry if it’s lower than last time, you’ll be back soon but it takes time to recover from an illness.


Thanks for the input. For the record, I did two 90-minute workouts over the weekend, one where I did 8 intervals at 97 % of my FTP and today’s where I stayed below 88 % but focused on high and slow cadence drills. I felt :+1: both days.

Seems your ok then - I had flu/weight loss last Feb and had 3 weeks off - I did one week of endurance - Pettit/Fletcher etc, then a week of tempo - Round bald etc - then I redid the ramp test (had lost 10W!) and started back where I had stopped.


Yeah, that sounds quite similar. The most annoying thing was that I wasn’t sick-sick, I dealt with everyday life just fine. I was just too sick to train.

How long did it take you to completely bounce back if I may ask?

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Well I was really ill - had time off work (I teach and stupidly went back in to early for a parents evening and nearly collapsed during the evening!) - which is rare for me - only my second time taking time off in 20+ years teaching. I felt ok on the bike straight away - but it took about 6 weeks to get my FTP back to where it was before I got ill.