Adaptive training + 1.5 week hiatus

Hi, I started a mid vol adaptive training plan several weeks ago and have adhered to it 100%. Unfortunately the Sunday before week 6 of SSB 1 (last Sunday), I injured myself on an outdoor ride and broke my elbow and had to have surgery. The doc said I can start indoor training again starting next Wed or Thurs once they remove my cast meaning I’ll have taken exactly 1.5 weeks off. My question is how to adjust my plan to get back on track. Here are some options I’ve been considering:
A. Drag everything on the calendar forward a week – so I’d be starting half way through the taper/recovery week 6 but skip the ramp test at the start of the next week (since I think an all out effort might be a little much for my poor arm).
B. Delete my plan and start over with SSB mid 1 (skipping ramp test).
C. Only do recovery rides until I’m feeling up to another ramp test. Then drag everything on my calendar from SSB2 onward to that point in time.
D. Open to other options I haven’t thought of. I just really don’t want to lose fitness since I feel like this injury is sort of a sacrifice to cycling that would only be worth it if it propelled me to improve in the long run instead of set be back substantially leading me to give up and quit. I’m at a critical juncture right now. Help me out! :slight_smile: