At 28 years old Andrew Talansky has his whole road racing career ahead of him, but he’s changing gears. Listen in to find out why the most successful American pro cyclist in recent times is moving sports to triathlon.

Andrew Talansky is one of the most successful American cyclists in history with a win at The Criterium du Dauphine, top ten Grand Tour finishes, domestic tour wins and national championship titles to his name.

We sat down with Andrew at the IRONMAN World Championships to discuss what a road cyclist needs to do when he transfers to Triathlon.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Why Andrew Talansky left pro cycling
  • The demands on the pro peloton
  • What it’s like to ride in the pro peloton
  • How to mentally deal with a bad crash
  • How triathletes can be more valuable for sponsors
  • Does Andrew expect to have the fastest bike splits in triathlon?
  • What are Andrew Talansky’s running abilities?
  • How Andrew Talansky plans to become a fast swimmer
  • How Andrew Talansky plans to build up to IRONMAN full distance races
  • What triathlons is Andrew Talansky planning on racing?
  • Why Andrew Talansky has an advantage in triathlon
  • What cyclists need to consider when moving to triathlon
  • How to get more comfortable on a TT bike
  • What bike will Andrew Talansky use in triathlon
  • Andrew Talansky’s nutrition plans for triathlon
  • Why triathlon is more advanced than road racing
  • Why having one coach for triathlon is better than three
  • How cyclists can avoid injury when transferring to triathlon
  • What Andrew Talansky’s diet is like

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