Amber Pierce has more than ten years of experience in the pro women’s peloton and more than 60 race wins across 5 continents. She’s incredibly knowledgeable regarding performance, human physiology, and women’s specific issues within the sport of cycling, and we are excited to have her as our special guest!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • What it’s like to race in the women’s pro peloton
  • How fast do you have to be to be competitive in women’s racing?
  • The perks and challenges of racing for a pro team
  • How to fuel your training 
  • Managing eating disorders as a cyclist
  • The best way for women to get started in racing
  • Why Americans have such a hard time with international racing
  • The role of cognitive load in your performance
  • How to psychologically recover from a crash
  • How to balance training with hormonal cycles
  • Women’s specific equipment

Links Mentioned in this episode

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