How to reach and maintain peak fitness for as long as possible, how many all-out efforts does a rider have each year, how to use elevation training and heat training to get faster and much more in Episode 311 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Intro 0:03
  • How long can you sustain peak fitness? 3:52
  • How to prioritize events and why it’s important 6:22
  • How to perform well year-round 11:01
  • How much of peaking is physical vs. mental? 12:46
  • Why chronically maintaining a caloric deficit can be dangerous 30:01
  • How to fuel recovery rides? 36:11
  • How to balance food choices and getting enough calories 47:02
  • What impact do team kits have on race tactics? 1:13:12
  • Can heat training replace altitude training? 1:17:31
  • How to use elevation training to get faster 1:22:46
  • Do you have a finite number of “all-out” efforts? 1:31:05
  • Is there a cost to overshooting your power targets when training? 1:38:05
  • Live questions and answers 1:48:53

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