How to stay motivated after a loss, a deep dive on triathlon transitions, pacing climbs and bike splits and much more in this special episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast with Sika Henry!

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Topics covered in this episode

• How to not go out too early
• How to pace a long climb
• Pacing a half-IRONMAN bike split
• Swim drills and tips that make you faster
• How to deal with losing
• Process vs. Outcome goals
• How to stay motivated after a loss
• How to return from injury
• A deep dive on triathlon transitions
• How to get your wetsuit off
• How to organize your gear in transition
• Mounting and dismounting your bike
• How to avoid GI distress for endurance athletes
• Why you should train with race nutrition
• Pre-race habits
• How to stop getting so nervous before races

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