Lose Like a Winner, Transitions, Pacing & More with Sika Henry – Ask a Cycling Coach 283

How to stay motivated after a loss, a deep dive on triathlon transitions, pacing climbs and bike splits and much more in this special episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast with Sika Henry!

I’m really excited to see Sika get her pro card and grow her impact in triathlon, and very grateful for her coming on both podcasts.

Sika’s Successful Athletes Podcast Episode: https://youtu.be/P4RKM2v4NhU

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How to not go out too early
  • How to pace a long climb
  • Pacing a half-IRONMAN bike split
  • Swim drills and tips that make you faster
  • How to deal with losing
  • Process vs. Outcome goals
  • How to stay motivated after a loss
  • How to return from injury
  • A deep dive on triathlon transitions
  • How to get your wetsuit off
  • How to organize your gear in transition
  • Mounting and dismounting your bike
  • How to avoid GI distress for endurance athletes
  • Why you should train with race nutrition
  • Pre-race habits
  • How to stop getting so nervous before races

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Did I hear again, @Jonathan saying gels don’t taste great?!?! My goodness. I LOVE gels. Sometimes I only go for a ride, so I have a legitimate reason to eat gels. They’re the same as sweets after dinner. Pleasure in a pouch. I’d eat them all day if they were healthy.
If have a pocket full of gels and I don’t think about it, I can go through 1,000+ cals in the first hour by accident.

NB I have a sweet tooth and have never eaten anything “too sweet” to me.
Maybe I am just a sugar machine, I hit 21 mmol in a lactate test earlier this year.

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Another great podcast, thanks @Jonathan. You can keep bringing Triathlon content to the Podcast, I love it :grin:.

And kudos to Sika for the amazing progress :+1:

@DaveQB I came here to say the same! I live on Gu Rocktane “decadent” flavors.

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Phewww. I was beginning to worry I was a freak. Well, maybe that’s still on the table :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have tried GU and loved them too. YUM :yum:

really good episode and the athlete version was just as good!