Planning an entire season’s worth of training and events can be difficult. But you can keep your training on track with a powerful, easy-to-use training calendar. Calendar lets you focus on what matters and modify your schedule when life happens.

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Planning with Calendar

With Calendar, you can plan all of your workouts, races, and life events in one place. Adding items to your calendar is easy. Just click on a day and select what you’d like to add. You can add training plans, workouts, races, and other activity types.

When you add a race, you’ll select the event type, priority, and date. Then select an estimated duration and intensity. Calendar will estimate the TSS and include that in your weekly summary. Plan Builder takes this a step further. When adding races to your current plan, Plan Builder will ask if you want to recalculate your plan to include the new event.

Schedules can change at a moment’s notice. We designed Calendar to make it easy to modify your schedule when life happens. You can drag and drop items on the calendar to move workouts, events, and annotations. You can even push and pull entire training weeks.

Drag and drop workouts and annotations.
Push or pull entire weeks.

Another planning feature in Calendar is annotations. Using this feature, you can add just about anything you’d like to note. For example, you can add vacation, travel, illness, or other events. You can go a step further and create an annotation of a race that you’re uncertain you will do. TSS will not be estimated, and you’ll have event information in a convenient place. 

Add annotations to your calendar.

Pro Tip: You can sync your TrainerRoad Calendar to your favorite app and have all your information in one place.

Training with Calendar

Calendar helps you manage your training. You can add recurring workouts and other events. This is great for adding those regular events to your schedule. For example, you can add a weekly drop ride or daily gym sessions.

Add recurring workouts or events.

If the weather is nice, you can take your training outdoors with Outside Workouts. Just click on a previously scheduled workout, select outside, and then save. Your workout will then be ready to be synced to your Hammerhead, Wahoo, or Garmin head unit.

Analytics with Calendar

You can see the impact of all your training and racing with Calendar. Easily view your TSS chart at the top of the screen. This includes past and planned TSS along with the 6-week daily average. Additionally, you can see your planned versus completed TSS and time for each week. These features are a quick way to help keep your training on track.  

How to Use TrainerRoad's Calendar
View past, present, and weekly TSS.

Using Calendar is an excellent way to plan, manage, and analyze your training. For more information on how to use Calendar, check out our resources in the Support Center