Training Calendar

Schedule workouts, events, and track weekly training stress with TrainerRoad.

Plan for the Season and Results You Want

Calendar gives your training structure, yet keeps things flexible. Use it to follow a training plan and, when life happens, modify your schedule as you go.

Customize Any TrainerRoad Training Plan

Choose from 100+ properly structured training plans for every discipline, including road, cyclocross, gravel, cross-country, triathlon, and more.

Select the days you want to train, the intensity, and when you want to start or end your plan — Calendar will automatically fill in your prescribed workouts.

Add your own swim, bike, run, and "other" (e.g. weight training) workouts.

Build a Custom Plan from Scratch

Build a 100% custom weekly, monthly or complete season training plan.

Choose rides to add to Calendar from a library of 1,000+ structured cycling workouts.

Browse and select workouts based on zone, duration and intensity.

Be Flexible Throughout Your Season

When your plans change, Calendar is easily modified.

Easily Edit Calendar to Keep Training on Track

Move planned workouts to another day.

Select indoor or outdoor-optimized versions of each workout.

Reschedule skipped workouts.

Schedule multiple workouts for a single day.

Adjust or start a new training plan at any time.

Schedule Races and Add Annotations

Mark any Calendar activity as a "race" and assign an A/B/C priority.

Add color-coded annotations to highlight notes about travel, sickness, injuries, training milestones, and more.

Stay Focused on Getting Faster

Simply start training and Calendar takes care of tracking your workouts and data.

Make Training Decisions Based on Your Data

Schedule workouts based on your target weekly training stress.

Compare your actual training stress to the amount you planned.

View Progress as Soon as You Finish a Ride

Never lose track of the rides you've done.

When you finish a TrainerRoad workout or outside ride, Calendar automatically updates and marks your planned workouts as complete.

Start Planning Your Season

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$19.95 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
5 / 5 stars