A deep dive into aerodynamic testing, how to recon a TT like a pro, smart trainer calibration and more in this episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • We’re hiring! Apply here.
  • When should you do a spin down calibration on your smart trainer?
  • How to calibrate a smart trainer
  • Cheat snacking for endurance athletes
  • How to healthily use food as motivation for endurance athletes
  • How ERO Sports testing works
  • Things to know before you ride a velodrome
  • What is CdA and why it matters to cyclists
  • How to find your CdA
  • How to lower your CdA
  • Why power to weight doesn’t matter for flat time trials
  • Why time trialists should overlap their hands
  • How to find the balance between aero and power
  • What makes a helmet more aero than another?
  • How to find the right TT helmet
  • How to get lower on a TT bike
  • How to use CdA to plan a race

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