40k TT Specialty training plans have been improved to be more specific to your riding and racing goals.

What’s New

All 40k TT Specialty plans have a dedicated weekly Time Trial workout. These workouts will help athletes create time trial power, in a time trial position, at roughly time trial durations. TSS has also been evened out from Weeks 1-6 to bring a rider’s freshness out while still applying specific workouts to help prepare you for a time trial effort.

The final significant update to the 40k TT plans is the addition of a 2-week taper. This tapering strategy provides athletes the structure to be sharp and primed for their A- and B-priority events.

Summary of plan benefits: the weekly time trial workouts in combination with the improved TSS progression fosters the ability to perform faster time trials.

The Type of Fitness You Will Gain

The 40k TT plans will prepare athletes for longer, more sustained efforts at higher percentages of functional threshold power (FTP). We know this type of fitness as muscular endurance. Growing muscular endurance is synonymous with building stamina. By increasing both your maximum steady-state power and stamina, you’ll be able to work harder for longer durations.

Who is the 40k TT plan for? If you’re pursuing a 40 kilometer time trial or looking to increase your maximum steady-state power (aka your highest sustainable power), you should follow the 40k TT plan after you’ve completed your Base and Build phase plans.

Why the Drop in Stress from the Newly Updated Build Plans?

If you started training with TrainerRoad before March 20th of 2017, you’ll notice that there has been a slight reduction in TSS. This is to transition you from the Build phase into the Specialty phase at an appropriate ramp rate. If you look at your full Base, Build and Specialty training plans, Coach Chad steadily grows your TSS in the Base and Build phases. It isn’t until the Specialty phase that you’ll see TSS level off to make sure you’re as fresh as possible for your goal events or riding season.

How to Start the 40k TT Specialty Plan

If you recently started (before July 3, 2017,  the date the new plans were released) a 40k TT Specialty plan and would like to update to one of the new plans, you must stop your current plan and reselect the 40k TT plan to access the new improvements.

If you’d like to update your new plan with the completed workouts from your earlier plan, you must unassign the workouts from your past plan in order to assign them to the new plan. This will allow you to update your new plan with the rides you’ve completed from your original one.

If you’re new to structured training: Before you start the 40k TT training plan, we recommend completing Base and Build phase training plans first. The Sweet Spot Base plan, followed by the Sustained Power Build plan are great to follow before moving onto refine your abilities with the 40k TT Specialty plan.

What’s Next

Stay tuned for the final round of Road Speciality plans! Coach Chad is currently working on refinements to the Criterium Speciality phase training plans.

Have a question about training plans? Leave it below or send our support team a message to support@trainerroad.com.