What we learned watching and racing cyclocross for 7 days straight, how to get the best TT bike fit, how to use extra weight to your advantage & more in this week’s episode of the Ask a Cycling coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • What we learned from CX Nationals
  • How to get the best TT bike fit
  • UCI TT regulations
  • What makes a good TT saddle?
  • Should you skip your taper?
  • How to utilize extra weight in a bike race
  • Can heavy athletes be good cyclists?
  • How to increase training load without too much fatigue
  • Tubulars vs. Clinchers
  • How to fix a flat in a hurry on the trail
  • How does cold weather affect performance?
  • How cold does it need to be to use warmers or embrocation?
  • How to refine your pedaling technique

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