Road Racing Training Plans

Road racing calls for a unique set of skills, so train like a champion and conquer the road. TrainerRoad’s training plans for road racers help you build the right types of strength and endurance to give you the upper hand on the pavement.

Cycling Road Racer
Cycling Workout Effort

Increase Your VO2max

High-power output over long periods of time is key to succeeding as a road racer.

To help you prepare for these demands, each road-racing plan incorporates workouts designed to push your limits and increase your VO2max.

Cycling Breakaway

Build Varied Endurance for Every Situation

Road races require athletes to perform across the board at any given moment.

Each plan helps improve your aerobic, anaerobic and muscular endurance needed to switch between power zones and stay ahead in the race.

Cycling Training Plans for Road Racers

Browse the following training plans designed specifically to help road racers hit the pavement and get ahead this season.

Train like a champion and hit the road with cycling training plans designed for road racers.
How to Choose a Road Racing Training Plan

Rolling Road Race8 Weeks Per Block

This block prepares riders with broad race demands. Even the best road racers face recurrent flurries of attacks and counter-attacks, so the ability to exert varied power efforts throughout the race is key. Riders focus on increasing sprint, anaerobic and VO2max power while maintaining strength and endurance.

  • Low Volume (3.2 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.6 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.4 Hrs/Wk)

Climbing Road Race8 Weeks Per Block

This block focuses on similar areas to those required for a Rolling Road race, but with more emphasis on sustained power than short power. Riders work to further their strength endurance by holding high percentages of FTP for sustained amounts of time without neglecting shorter bursts of high intensity.

  • Low Volume (3.1 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.7 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.4 Hrs/Wk)

Criterium8 Weeks Per Block

This block emphasizes maximum aerobic and anaerobic endurance as well as sprint timing and capacity. Riders work to generate high watts for short periods of time over and over again over short durations with a high attention to technical detail.

  • Low Volume (3.1 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.8 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.7 Hrs/Wk)

40K TT8 Weeks Per Block

This block helps riders grow accustomed to the physical and mental demands of Time Trials. Accordingly, riders focus on maintaining high sustainable power at intense levels of discomfort while training in an aerodynamic position.

  • Low Volume (3.4 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.8 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.3 Hrs/Wk)

Grand Fondo/Gravel8 Weeks Per Block

This block prioritizes establishing a deeper level of muscular endurance for long days in the saddle. For riders preparing for a half, full or double grand fondo/gravel, you'll gain the specific fitness you need to complete your ultra-endurance event through a mix of workouts ranging from Sweet Spot to VO2Max efforts.

  • Low Volume (4.1 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (6.9 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (8.4 Hrs/Wk)

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