Guided Workouts

Browse 1000+ structured training workouts designed to make you a faster cyclist or triathlete.

Structured Cycling Workouts

Every TrainerRoad workout is designed to make the most of your time through structured interval workouts. Each workout includes periods of low-intensity work followed by shorter high-intensity periods -- known as intervals. This form of training is more efficient and more effective than training at the same intensity for long periods of time.


Every workout in our training plans has an outdoor-optimized version, making it easy to keep your training on track and still get the training benefit you need for your goal event.

Discipline-Specific Plans

TrainerRoad gives you access to more than 100 discipline-specific training plans designed for cyclists and triathletes preparing for events. Each plan addresses challenges unique to your upcoming event to grow your fitness and build the skills you need to win. Learn more about TrainerRoad’s structured training plans.

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Personally Scaled Workouts

Your first TrainerRoad workout will be the Ramp Test. This workout is a fitness assessment designed to give you the most precise estimate if your current fitness level. Assessing your fitness regularly while you train ensures you’re making progress in the right direction of your goals.

Live Workout Text

Most workouts come with instructional and motivational workout text to keep you focused and on-track while you train. TrainerRoad Head Coach, Chad TImmerman, personally writes workout text for each workout to help you train better. It’s sort of like he’s right there coaching you along whenever you get on the trainer.

Meet Coach Chad

“As a professional you're always trying to figure out how to go one percent faster on the bike. Having the structure added to my bike has definitely helped me.”

Matt Russell, Professional Triathlete

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$19.95 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
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