Zwift/Racing and Adaptive Training Plan Builder

Hello, and apologies if this has been answered, but I cannot seem to find the info as needed.

As many others, I will be zwifting on Tuesdays and once on the weekend in the upcoming 2022. The other days I would like them to be for structured training, and knowing whether it would be best to do a Sweet spot, endurance, tempo, or which ever else kind of workout, is why I look at Trainerroad to help me that guidance.

What is the best process here?

Add the races as B and C races (but these cannot be setup to be repeating in the plan builder) while constructing a plan? Should I add a LV/MV and substitute the hard workouts with the zwift races? Would AT take the TSS and other factors into account in that case?

Who has successfully created a plan while having Zwift/regular races in between and could you share your tips. If not I’ll continue to use the chart to gauge fatigue and randomly choose between TrainNow or do some endurance riding on Zwift, but that would defeat the purpose of having such a strong tool such as TR AT and not use it at all.

Thanks for the inputs and step by step guidance for those that have managed to figure it out.

For now I’ve just added a MV plan and put hard days on Tuesdays and Saturdays and will see how the “associate with” feature works. Hoping to get the gains and leverage the AT.

Some related topics I found via search.

Thanks @mcneese.chad, I’ll take a look.

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