Adaptive Training and more

Dear Folks!

Ive been doing some race on Zwifts lately, so i havent really been doing any TR workouts at all. I have some questions for you guys.

I havent been following the progress of Adaptive Training, however i didnt really give it much tought since (back then atleast) it didnt account for outside rides and rides not on their platform.

Does anyone know, if AT have take outside rides and races (on zwift) into account for their workout suggestion?

TrainNow - Does it do anything AT does towards ongoing plan? I mean, suggest the right and best workout based on your pasts weeks?

Lastly; Does anyone know a quick way to get TR workouts on Zwift? I just find TR background pretty boring :smiley:

Regards, Michael

AT still does not take into account outside rides etc. Still working on it.

TrainNow takes into account your current progression levels in suggesting workouts. If you have none however it won’t have an accurate baseline to start you at. After my summer off, even after a ramp test, all mt progression levels were at a 1, and I manually chose something I thought was manageable, and after that it started to key in pretty accurately.

I don’t know of a way to get trainerroad workouts ONTO zwift, however i run them concurrently.

I run Trainerroad on my PC, and zwift on my apple tv. I just remove the “controllable” trainer option from apple tv.

This has made it easy to run my trainerroad workouts, get credit for them, and still zoom around the zwift world.

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Okay, thanks.

The reason im asking is because I just did a race Tuesday and a 4x4 workout Thursday… rest yesterday and trainnow still recommend a endurance workout? Why does it do that if trainnow doesn’t take other rides into account?

Not quite right - outside rides associated with a workout are taken into account. I’ve done a whole summer of such. Some were workouts pushed outside, others were rides that I associated with a workout afterwards. What you still can’t do is just go for a ride and let AT figure out what your intent was and get adaptations based off it. AT needs an expected outcome and an actual one to be able to assess how you did.

For purposes of the conversation, and from the context of the OP I was referring to simply outdoor “rides” or races being instructured as opposed to outdoor workouts specifically.

The OP has not been doing TR workouts specifically and was asking about these unstructured activities.

I could have added the caveat for other readers though. :+1:t3:

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Could you send a random workout to your Garmin, but just do your own unstructured thing, and AT / PL would come up with something?

I think that would work best with Z2 type rides where terrain often dictates that your power surges from time to time. It’s what I’ve done with my long weekend rides for instance. I don’t think it would work with 30/30 VO2max intervals though.

What I’ve found is that if I do an unstructured outdoor ride on a day when I have a workout scheduled then I’m offered to associate it with a workout in the calendar but it doesn’t have to be the scheduled workout. I have to refresh the calendar then click on the ride to see this option.

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Cheers Bob :+1:t2: