Building A Plan Around ZRL, TTT Zwift


I am new to TR so can use some advice on meeting the training objectives the best way.

I am currently racing in Zwift ZRL on Tuesday and TTT on Thursdays. I am wanting to build a plan around all of these events which I’ll be doing into Spring. My goal is to “Build” during this time to improve. I’m having difficulty with Plan Builder to work up something that looks pretty good, as the need to provide an A Race skews the planning. any suggestions on a great approach to this scenario? I have tried to use a Training Plan (Build), but it doesn’t recognize the events I have populated in the calendar.

Thanks very much.


I have done this before.

I have struggled to do an additional workout above sweet spot when I’ve done 2 races in a week. Even sometimes SS is too much. I just used Train Now to choose some zone 2 workouts as and when I had the time during the week and my body felt capable.