Workouts for a week sandwiched between rest week and vacation

I know the correct answer is do the plan builder but humor me here lol

I’m in a weird spot where I’m wrapping up week 6 of ssb2 hv and then going on a trip on feb 16-20 (I didn’t plan this trip and would otherwise choose not to travel lol). So I’m in an odd spot where I don’t want to jump into a week of build.

So I’m thinking of doing a very mini vo2 block. Definitely doing something like bashful with 1min efforts, but not sure if I want to try and increase interval length throughout the week or just stick with shorter efforts. Obviously I haven’t touched these intensity levels in over 12 weeks so it’s going to be unpleasant lol

I’d basically like to do the shortest version of each workout to get benefit and supplement with endurance so I can stay fresh. Anyhow, the plan is still in the air so I’ll take any other ideas on how to do this filler week