How do you handle Vacations? When altering workout plan

I will be going on vacation for week 2 of the build phase of triathlon low volume. I would just push that week but plan builder doesn’t like that.
So my thought is to add an extra bike workout to the week prior and alter the two weeks post vacation with an added workout or two until things flatten back to the norm.
I will have the ability to run/swim while away so not huge issue there.

Thoughts? What do you guys do?

I wouldn’t add too much to an already pretty pressed build plan unless you’re sure you can recover from it.

My go to has been to try to coincide vacation with a recovery week. I don’t know your distance plan but a general model could be:

Wk -2: Do normal Plan week before recovery week
Wk -1: do week 1 of the new plan. Don’t do the ramp test but switch with another workout. In case you feel physically tired from the preceding 3 weeks of work, in the beginning of the week take 2 days easy workouts.
Wk 0: go on vacation, enjoy it
Wk 1: do week 2 of the new plan but swap in ramp test. Consider an endurance or recovery ride the day before to adapt to the bike again

This particularly works between base and build, as base is a little lighter.