Lengthening weekly cycles before vacation

Trying to figure out how cycles work now with the recent plan changes to TR. I’m currently in the General Build phase of a Mid Volume plan. This is what I’m currently scheduled to do:

Week 1: Build
Week 2: Build (current week)
Week 3: Build
Week 4: Endurance week/off
Week 5: Build

In week 6, we’re scheduled to go on vacation for a week where I won’t be able to ride, but I will be able to run. Would it make sense to change the workouts in week 4 to essentially be another build week, so that week 6 could be taken “off” as an endurance week? That would switch things from 3 weeks on/1 off to 5 on/1 off.

I would keep the workouts as they are, but add incremental volume if you are up to it…I do that a lot when I am gonna be travelling. Overload the system a bit in the week or two leading up to the travel and use the time off for recovery.

No need to change the order or structure of the workouts, just add volume where you can / want.