Vacation... How should i rearrange my workouts?


I will be traveling soon ( June 3rd-9th). During that point in time, I will be in the second week of a mid-volume build phase. I will be able to train the 3rd ( I fly out in the evening) and the 9th. I’m struggling with how to rearrange my work-outs, especially since i will inevitably have to sacrifice one work-out. My mind is telling me to condense as much as possible, no rest days from the 31st- 3rd and then sacrifice 1 of the sweet spot work-outs, rest 4-8th, fly back in the 9th and then no rest days until the 15th? I’ve listed my current schedule without alterations for travel below. I’d love some insight on what workout i should sacrifice and if my current thinking is correct or utterly wrong.

(Monday 31st - Wednesday 9th) Rest Days Tuesdays and Fridays.

May 31st - Baird+6 ( V02 Max) 1:30
June 1st - OFF
June 2nd- BondCliff ( Sweet Spot) 1:30
June 3rd- WhiteFace ( V02 Max) 1:15
June 4th- OFF OOT
June 5th- Lion Rock ( Threshold) 1:30 OOT
June 6th - Juneau -1 ( Sweet Spot) 2:00 OOT
June 7th -Bashful + 6 ( V02 Max) 1:30 OOT
June 8th-OFF OOT
June 9th- Whiteface ( V02 Max) 1:15

Thank you in advance for the advice and suggestions!

Treat it as a rest week. Do enough to maintain where you got to, then resume your training when you return.


Usually not the best training plan.

When I travel and the hotel has a gym I’ll do an hour of 20 minutes on the treadmill at my Z2 HR, do some squats and walking lunges with dumbbells, do 20 more minutes on the treadmill, and maybe do some balance exercises and stretching. If there is a pool, I’ll swim laps.

I’ve come back from a week of doing the above feeling faster.

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There are many factors to consider here such as, your travel destination (within the same time zone or 3 or more time zones away), your training history, your training/race goals, training-life balance amongst many others. With that said there are a couple of approaches you could take:

  • Focus the workouts on your limiters (though I would not recommend 3 VO2 Workouts in 4 days that would be brutal)

  • Try for the 6 days in a row when you get back but back off or cut a workout short if it is too much

  • Swap in the -1 or -2 versions of a workout during your 6-day stretch. You’ll still get a strong benefit of the intent of the workout while potentially not draining yourself too much.

  • Push a week in your workout calendar. The workout planner will adjust and most likely take out a specialty week. Likewise, you could take out a specialty week yourself.

  • Don’t worry about it and just carry-on with your plan when you get back. 5 days of skipping workouts won’t be hugely detrimental to your fitness.

Just some ideas. Lots of different ways to approach this and really the only wrong way would be to bury yourself so that you negatively impact your ability to comply with future workouts.

You’ve ut a ton of thought into this. Personally when this happens to me if I can’t just move days and make it all fit with rest - I push the week out in the calendar (using the push feature) and fit in what I can fit in that vacation time.

Think of your main objectives and pick 1-2 workouts and go longer vs. trying to cram without rest and recovery. i.e. if you are doing SSB - I’d try to do a longer SS or threshold workout than normal and be happy with that on vacation.

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Thank you all for the excellent responses! I’d like to clarify that my traveling will be very relaxing with little to no strain and that I will be resting from the 4th to the 8th.