I need a filler week between SSB1 & 2

Hey all,

I just wrapped up the second week of SSB1. The week I’m supposed to start the SSB2, I’m going on a family vacation. I can bring a bike but would rather not tackle the first week in the new block during vacation.
I was thinking of adding another week of SSB1 (repeating weeks 4 or 5), then having the recovery during vacation.
Any reason this wouldn’t be a good idea? Any other suggestions?

Another alternative approach would be to do week 1 & 2 of SSBII and then just ride for fun on vacation, on your return start back at the start of week 2 of SSBII.

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I’d suggest adding something in the middle of SSB1, so that it’s last week—a recovery week—ends up being the week of your vacation. Perhaps duplicate week 4, then modify its first occurrence to change the weekend rides to be recovery rides. That way you don’t have six straight weeks of hard workouts with no recovery, which would probably be too much. If you’re more of a masters athlete, you could easily do all recovery rides during the added week—basically breaking up the original 6 week block in to a 4 week block and a 3 week block.

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