What workout to do the day after a 20 min FTP test

On my recovery week after SSB1. Restarted from square one after getting covid in November. Another story.

Anyway. Next week is start of SSB2 which means a ramp test. However since I don’t have a trainer and so do all my workouts outside I do a 20 min test instead. A ramp test is significantly lower TSS, so should I swap out Carillon which is scheduled for the next day for something nice and easy?

Yep. Whorl or Collins would probably fit pretty well, but it’ll depend on the load you end up with from your 20-minute test.


Usually something like Fletcher or Petit are in my calendar for after a ramp but I do a 20mins test too and feel they fit with it also.


Thanks for the quick replies. Seem like good suggestions!

I did Whorl and Fletcher the two days after the last Ramp test. Worked out very well as kind of low effort endurance and ok recovery.


yep Fletcher if I’m on holiday or Whorl if I’m at work then continue with the program the day after.

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I do it differently. I do only 20-minute tests and I schedule the test at the end of recovery week. On Saturday I do an opener (1,5h z1/z2 ride with short 5 minute at threshold ) and on Sunday is the test day. The day after the test is my day off. The day after the day off I can start new training block. It works for me, the schema I worked out with my coach a few years back and I stick with it.

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