Favorite Workout After FTP Bump

Going into General Build next week, I did my ramp test early by a few days, and I needed a workout to do in place of the ramp test. Which is actually perfect because I love to do Goddard after an FTP bump. It has some 30 second VO2 intervals and some shorter 6 minute sweet spot intervals. It’s been my go to workout to see how the new FTP feels and I’ll usually add it in right after the ramp test regardless of which phase I’m in. What are your favorite workouts to do after an FTP bump?

Edit: Not immediately after the FTP test, like the next day.

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Ez endurance ride😁




After the ramp test I am normally quite cooked, but I have taken coach Chad´s advice and do Tunnaborra -5 after every test.

:rofl: best reply, EVER!

For me, it used to be Ericsson but I came to realise that it was too much. Now it’s Taku because I can start to clear my legs in the knowledge that the hard work starts tomorrow.

On the assumption of not straight after, but as a swap for the “Tuesday” workout, I’ve tried to pick one that is a bit easier than the first workout.

Before the start of build I banked my FTP increase from Lamarck. I swapped the Ramp Test for Bluebell (and added endurance with extend cooldown), with the following week the VO2 Max being Baird +6. Bluebell is 6x1 minute @ 120, Baird is 5 x 90 seconds @ 120.

Struggling to find the workout in case I do this going into MV SPB week 5 though, I might just reduce intensity back to 120 (from 122) for Monadnock +4, and do it twice!

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I am a firm believer everyone should have a “reference workout”.

Basically just any given sweet spot based workout you did multiple times to base your progression on in addition to the ramp test.

You’ll get to know the workout inside-out and therefore know what it’s supposed to feel like.

I picked Carson for myself and it really helped me dialing in my nutrition, tss i can sustain and sleep going by how i feel during the effort.

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Does a glass of a decent red wine count?

I’ve cut my alcohol intake down, none at all during weekdays and a bottle of red or a couple of beers over a weekend.

Personally a ramp test signifies the end of a work plan😉

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I realize I was a little vague. I din’t mean immediately after an FTP test. I usually just spin out my legs too. I was thinking like the next day or so, if I didn’t have a workout scheduled already.

That’s what Goddard has become for me. I know how it feels and I’ve done it enough after FTP bumps in the past that I know it’ll be hard but absolutely doable. So it’s also become a mental thing, knowing I raised my FTP but I can still finish the workouts at the harder FTP.