Good Workout Immediately After Ramp/FTP Test?

Due to travelling for work, had to push my Ramp Test back to this Saturday instead of the typical Tuesday. I’m just starting my “re-Build” (GBMV) having finished SSB 1 & 2 MV. So this is supposed to be week 1 of GBMV, but I had to improvise while traveling. Today is REST and tomorrow is the Ramp Test. I need something to follow the Ramp and the scheduled Spanish Needle is probably not realistic. Will probably still do Antelope +5 on Sunday (Antelope +5 is 7x10-minute Sweet Spot intervals ranging between 88-94% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals).

Having never did a post Ramp Test workout, what has worked for others without disrupting training going forward? I’m thinking some Z2 endurance, but maybe something better considering its the build phase?

I think I’ve done something like geiger (3x12 sweet spot) post ramp test with no ill effects. Then again, I followed a vo2 session yesterday with endurance (west vidette) and was suffering because of less cooling in my basement, so my tolerance may be determined by the environmental temp.

My approach after completing the ramp test is to pick the easiest scheduled workout and to add it on after a slightly longer cooldown. Looking at Gen Build MV you have Collins +1, depending on how much time you have you could do this - or pick a similar workout that fits your time available. I often do Petit after my Ramp Test and add an extra hr to my week, but I don’t have any time constraints. Hope this helps

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I like that idea. I’m not time constrained, so that’s probably a good fit.

I completed Ebbetts immediately after a ramp test and completed it just fine

"Ebbetts is 4x8-minute intervals between 88-94% FTP with 5-second high-power tags between 150-180% FTP.

4-minute recoveries separate the intervals."

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Thanks Chad, I thought I’ve read or seen every forum topic but apparently that one got by me :+1:.

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I was in a similar situation and did my ramp test plus 30 minutes of endurance pace cooldown, then the following day did the Pierce workout. It was challenging, but not so hard as to be unable to complete it.

So after the FTP Ramp Test and 10 min cool down extension, I did Taku without any fans (part of my heat training). That seemed to the perfect end, though I feel a version of Pettit would have been appropriate as well. I feel well enough to tackle whatever workout tomorrow without feeling smoked.

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