What Vitamins do you take?

Its been brought up in a few Podcasts and various answers in threads so thought we could have one thread with what Vitamins users are taking.

Im currently taking Men’s Performance Multi and going to buy flax seed oil to help with recovery and anti inflammation.

I’ve also been reading up on citrulline malate and GABA, and HMB.

Swiss multi vitamin and Magnesium. Hard to tell any difference, I get the feeling a lot of these are placebos

I don’t take any supplements. I eat a lot of veggies, salads and fruit and we prepare our meals fresh. Don’t feel like I’m missing anything compared to times when I spent my cash on multivitamins, magnesium and zinc.


Namedsport all the way

Pre and Post Workout: Beetroot perfect for blood (Be careful drinking this. You can explode :))
During workouts, races, whatever → Namedsport Hydrafit and Gels.

Everynight before sleep Milk, one banana, tea spoon cacao, tea spoon cinnamon. Mixed it in blender

Daily food: Lots of vegetables, chickpea , pea, lental, soup. Pomegranate is perfect for recovery. Just be careful with amount of fruit you eat.

My advise, work with a nutritionist for 3-4 months. Change the way you live and eat. Then continue, you will be OK.


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I eat a what I think is a very balanced diet but I still feel the need to supplement with one or two vitamins due to training.
Vitamin D - don’t get enough sun
Iron - don’t eat red meat
Zinc and Magnesium - help support testosterone
Omega 3 fish oil
B Complex
I also take creatine (but that’s a thread on its own) The vits I take are fairly cheap and I believe they help support a heavy training load. I’ve heard good things about coQ10 but blimey it’s pricey😮

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I have taken Vitamin C throughout this year. Other than that, it’s all diet based.

Strawberries and blueberries mostly.

To benefit from any kind of supplement, you would be well to know what you are deficient in. A lot of the science tells you that a deficiency in something is bad for some function. This does not mean that a surplus in something will be good, or better, for that function, in fact it may be detrimental to have too much something.


I used Men’s Performance Multiand and Men’s Multivitamin, I like Multivitamin more, it suited me. And I really like the filling of capsules it has everything that I need. I take a flax seed oil too, but don’t understand the effect of it. They replenish vital elements and support muscle function and recovery. It makes my life a lot easier. I also take flaxseed oil, but I don’t understand how it works. You can find Ritual vitamins review and try it. The oil improves digestion and helps you gain muscle instead of fat. But I did not notice, no changes in a few months, but I will try further.

Maltesers and Glucosamine.


Vitamin C 1000mg, Magnesium and Omega 3. I do add multivitamins maybe once a week or so.

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I’m fortunate enough to have fresh vitamins on tap all year round.
As someone who starts work early, and often has nothing more than coffee for breakfast, I now make a point of blending up a cup of OJ, baby spinach and whatever other fruit is starting to go off.
It’s a legit energy hit that lasts a few hours and it’ll keep you regular.

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Fruit and Vegetables, Oily fish (its all you need)

:grapes: :cherries: :peach: :broccoli: :avocado: :carrot: :corn: :onion: :garlic: :fish: :tomato:

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Multi vitamin
Vitamin D (as recommended for those in Northern UK).
Glucosamine with condrotine
Beetroot juice

All daily.

  • Vitamin d since I work inside too much (and covid).

  • vitamin b12. I’ve always suffered from lots of ulcers and read this could help and frankly I would try anything as it sucked. I still get occasional ones but massively reduced.

That’s it, we’re veggies and eat a pretty varied diet so don’t feel the need for anything else.

I’m not technically a vegetarian as I’ll eat meat if I’m invited to a friend’s or relative’s house for dinner. At home though I don’t eat any meat, but will eat a little tinned mackerel every week.

I take a multivitamin which pretty much has everything in it, including iron.

As others have said, it’s just to ensure I’m topped up, plus at this time of year when I don’t see the sun it’s good to at least get a good dose of vitamin D.

12 year old malt whisky

  • mixed diet with plenty of fruit and veggies. Plenty of it.
  • I have my blood tested once or twice a year for several years now.
  • high training volume for years (~18-22h/wk)


  • I supplement Vitamin D3 in winter. First test showed very low levels in this period.
  • Furthermore, following a period of muscular problems with running I did a food log on Mg intake (serum Mg is not a good indicator for status). Super low intake. Changing diet towards a higher intake is not an option, I don’t like certain Mg rich food. Therefore, I supplement Mg.
  • I don’t eat a lot of oily fish, hence, I supplement omega-3 (pure capsules, no vitamine E added)
  • I’m into 6-12h racing. On big training days, in big blocks or races I supplement riboflavin (A Placebo-Controlled Trial of Riboflavin for Enhancement of Ultramarathon Recovery - PMC)

I would never ever swallow multi vitamin stuff.

Before covid, I’d take an occasional multi and some D. Now, I take enough vitamins and supplements to make a meal out them (17 in all at the peak, down to 15 regularly). I’m going to slowly start reducing / eliminating some of them one at a time to see how the body reacts. Maybe I’ll be back down to a multi and D again in another six months. I used to take pills one at a time, but I’ve learned I can handle 4-5 at a time with a big gulp if they aren’t too big. Otherwise it’d take forever to down them.

I’m on a holistic vit regiment this month:

Rum balls

I’m training for freestyle downhill so YMMV.


Freestyle downhill. Bike optional.