What Vitamins do you take?

Its been brought up in a few Podcasts and various answers in threads so thought we could have one thread with what Vitamins users are taking.

Im currently taking Men’s Performance Multi and going to buy flax seed oil to help with recovery and anti inflammation.

I’ve also been reading up on citrulline malate and GABA, and HMB.

Swiss multi vitamin and Magnesium. Hard to tell any difference, I get the feeling a lot of these are placebos

I don’t take any supplements. I eat a lot of veggies, salads and fruit and we prepare our meals fresh. Don’t feel like I’m missing anything compared to times when I spent my cash on multivitamins, magnesium and zinc.


Namedsport all the way

Pre and Post Workout: Beetroot perfect for blood (Be careful drinking this. You can explode :))
During workouts, races, whatever -> Namedsport Hydrafit and Gels.

Everynight before sleep Milk, one banana, tea spoon cacao, tea spoon cinnamon. Mixed it in blender

Daily food: Lots of vegetables, chickpea , pea, lental, soup. Pomegranate is perfect for recovery. Just be careful with amount of fruit you eat.

My advise, work with a nutritionist for 3-4 months. Change the way you live and eat. Then continue, you will be OK.


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I eat a what I think is a very balanced diet but I still feel the need to supplement with one or two vitamins due to training.
Vitamin D - don’t get enough sun
Iron - don’t eat red meat
Zinc and Magnesium - help support testosterone
Omega 3 fish oil
B Complex
I also take creatine (but that’s a thread on its own) The vits I take are fairly cheap and I believe they help support a heavy training load. I’ve heard good things about coQ10 but blimey it’s pricey😮

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I have taken Vitamin C throughout this year. Other than that, it’s all diet based.

Strawberries and blueberries mostly.

To benefit from any kind of supplement, you would be well to know what you are deficient in. A lot of the science tells you that a deficiency in something is bad for some function. This does not mean that a surplus in something will be good, or better, for that function, in fact it may be detrimental to have too much something.

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