Supplement Regimen

What’s are people taking daily in the form of supplements. Are there things that us non pros can be doing to maximize our marginal gains in terms of supplementation.

Currently i’m taking Pure Encapsulation ONE Multi Vitamin once a day a Thorne magnesium citramate three times a day.

I’m thinking about adding an Iron supplement too.

I’ve supplemented Beta Alanine and ZMA. No real noticeable difference came from it for me though.

EPO might help.

I jest - I’m not aware of much research related to this kind of supplementation in terms of performance. Unless you have a glaring ommision, the rule of thumb is that general nutrition is likely to have a much bigger impact.


I take the RainbowLight Mens One multi:

and Omega-3 Supreme since I don’t eat fish frequently enough to get it in my diet

Just fish oil + D. Nordic Naturals oil. I occasionally use a whey protein isolate in an otherwise whole food recovery shake.

I stopped taking a multi a few years ago and haven’t noticed a difference other than the color of my pee, but I eat my plants daily…

I’m going to experiment a bit with supplements in the base phase.

  1. Pure encapsulations - Athletic nutrients (multivitamin) recommended dose
  2. Magnesium Glycinate (400mg/day)
  3. Beta-alanine (shooting for 6g/day. combinations of straight beta-alanine and time release to achieve that dose)
  4. Omega 3 - (4g/day, maybe try to up it to 6g/day)
  5. Vit D - (2000IU/day, will check blood work in a month to target Vit D levels at 35-50ng/ml and titrate as necessary)
  6. Longvida, more bioavailable form of curcumin (400mg/day)

C, D, B12, fish oil, iron.


Vitamin B-complex, Elderberry with vitamin C and zinc, and Iron. CBD before bed. BCAA’s sporadically through out the day sometimes.

Looking into adding citruline mallate, glutamine, and beta-alanine. Marginal gains they say…

Multi Vitamin and Fish oil are my every day must have’s. However, when I’m pretty deep into training, I like to take half an iron supplement as well. My multi has iron in it but I’ve heard a lot of talk of endurance athletes needing to have more iron. Just don’t want too much.

Cycling Supplements That Work:

1.) Caffeine. Acute dosage.
2.) Trisodium Phosphate. 5 days prior.
3.) Citrulline Mallate. Chronic dosage
4.) Beta Alanine. Chronic dosage

Cycling Supplements That Probably Work

1.) L Carnitine. For so many years this was a talked about supplement that never really delivered results in any capacity. Some of the more recent research regarding chronic dosing in conjunction with carbohydrate consumption are compelling. I think there is something there. For sure it’s a way to eat more carbs w/o gaining weight.

Cycling Supplements That Don’t Work

1.) Creatine. When I was o-lifting this stuff was the shiznit. I remember paying $75/lb for it. (Greg Kovacs, where are you?) For cyling…it’s less than helpful. Maybe if you’re Keirin or track. Otherwise, not.

Might be worth a blood test. For example in the UK:

See if you are low on anything and go from there. Could save some cash in the long run :slight_smile:

I’ve used iron in the past and it was helpful when I was anemic as a teenager. It definitely works if you’re feeling lethargic and can’t quite put a finger on it. Most omnivores probably won’t need to supplement iron unless they’re training a ton, and you can definitely overdo it.

I use these dosages:

Caffeine: 4mg/kg
Trisodium Phosphate: 3g to 3.5g/day for 5 days prior to event
Citrulline Mallate: 5g/day for 2 weeks prior to event
Beta Alanine: 4g/day 5 weeks prior
Carnitine: 2g/day with carbohydrate, twice daily. I mix it in a smoothie but the original protocol is to mix it in 80g of sugarwater, basically. That’s a lot of sugarwater to drink twice every day.

I’ve taken spirulina in the past and some swear by it. I’m usually very sceptical about any super-foods but this is one which has some research behind it

Otherwise I take magnesium, zinc, calcium and vitamin D supplement, and occasionally a protein shake if I’ve done a long or high intensity ride.

i take D3/K2 combo religiously and B12 semi-religiously.

Unless, of course, it contains toxins. It has to be produced in a completely toxin-free environment for it to be healthy. The trick is how to know if your source is 100% on the up and up. A lot of trust required (as in most things).

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When do you use caffeine (and in what form)?

just mix 1/16th tsp caffeine powder in ~400ml water & drink it down just before the race starts. Then again sometime between hours 4 & 5.

I bought 500g from PureBulk quite some time ago. Got it double bagged sitting in the freezer. Prolly last me forever. I didn’t realize how much 500g of pure caffeine was at the time of purchase. It’s alot. Even just a teaspoon would probably kill me. So if ya got lil kids in the house: no es bueno.

Do you drink coffee on a regular basis or take caffeine for training?

I’m trying to chop my daily coffee intake down to 1-2 cups in the AM and that’s it, so when I do take caffeine on race day it’ll have a more pronounced effect (hopefully).

It’s more than 5,000 cups of coffee :crazy_face:

I usually drink a cup of tea in the morning. Never drink coffee. Nothing against it…just not a coffee drinker.

Although I think it would probably be better if my CNS were more caffeine ‘resistant’ on race day. I read a lot of stuff suggesting that the ergogenic benefits of caffeine sort of decouple from the CNS effects of caffeine at those higher doses. In other words, you don’t feel like lighting is coming out of your fingers but the performance boost is still there during the time trial/race.

For me, the CNS effects are a bit much. I’m really just plain high during the first 90 minutes of a race. Anyhow, caffeine is the #1 most effective ergogenic/endurance supplement in cycling that’s still available.