What Beer are you enjoying?

After all I am a mountain biker and it was only a matter of time before someone asked…

Right now it’s a 16% 120 minute IPA from DogFish Head.


Where’s @chad , the beer master!!


16%. I don’t think I would even want to sip that never mind drink a bottle


Kirin Aki Aji
With Fall here, all the seasonal variations are out.
Much better than the usual Kirin.


currently my own homebrewed dunkelweizen. besides cycling, homebrewing is my biggest passion (and a great way to make my raging alcholism seem like a hobby :slight_smile: ). although it’s hard to balance between them sometimes.


Today post ride beer is something a little more mild at 11% but thick and black like motor oil. :oil_drum: just the way I like it :slight_smile:


I don’t normally drink a lot of beer but have been lately indulging in various IPAs. They have high silicon content which helps bone form after a fracture forms a callus.

Right now, I’m recovering from a broken collarbone. So…lemons–>lemonade.


Karl Strauss Aurora Hoppyalis was on sale, so I’m enjoying this fine IPA at the moment!


@RLucky82, suuuuuuuuch a delicious, indulgent stout. Nice.


@bbarrera, this was one of my favorite random finds ever! We just got caught in a hail storm with plenty of rain, on a 7-mile run/hike that turned into a 12-mile day by the time we got un-lost. Then, we hit a little deli-mart in Myers, CA and stumbled upon this gem of an IPA - so brightly hoppy and easily a new fave.


Yet another reason to drink IPA’s. Thanks for the tip, @Brennus!

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@cpooleNZ, my recent intake has consisted largely of IPA’s, it’s definitely a summer beer for me though I love them anytime. Revision Brewing, here in Reno, is run by the guy who used to own/operate Knee Deep Brewing, if I’ve got my facts straight. The guy is a serious hop-head, and I’ve yet to be let down by anything either brewery distributes since I’ve yet to make it to either physical location to see what they have on tap. Here’s the latest…


@chad Revision - thats the one I wanted to sample at Mellow Fellow Reno dinner with daughter, before TR open house a few weeks ago, but still had to drive to TR and then back over the hill. :frowning:

This is the (unlabeled) crowlers I sent you via Nate at Tahoe Trail 100:

was hoping to bring you “Hop Perignon” - it was the hit of EG Brewfest - although “Cellos and Vespas” was a good follow up brut IPA release. Hope you enjoyed!

A few more IPA finds from this summer, worth sampling if you come across 'em:

  • Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA (Vista, CA)
  • Track 7 Blood Transfusion (Sacramento, CA)

Been drinking a bit of a locally made craft beer from Rotorua - Crouchers. They sponsor a CX series in Hamilton called Fogcity cyclocross, plenty if beer as spot prizes, hence the photo from after a hard hour in the saddle…

The Enduro above is a bit of a fave, along with the Patriot, a lighter stout, but very good, oh so good…images%20(1)


Excellent, @bbarrera! I’ve seen both but have been trying to reduce my enormous backlog of purchases. Hard work, but I’ll get there. :wink:

Mmmmmm, @cpooleNZ. Nothing rewards quite like beer. I’m envious.

I’ve drank all of this already of course, but my gravel grinder buddy Tim gave me a few cans from Tree House Brewing in Massachusetts - they’re much sought after with people lining up at the brewery.

This Hurricane double-IPA was outstanding. Lush, thick, hoppy and smooth!


Old Chub by Oscar Blues.


Cooler evenings, back to the O’Hara’s Leann Folláin Extra Stout. Any of you visiting Ireland, don’t buy into the Guinness is the only show in town bs!

Yes it takes a few days to finish a bottle :wink:

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