Counting beer as hydration

Ok everyone stop laughing:) I’ve been trying to do a better job of hydrating throughout the day and am using the Garmin connect app to track my hydration. As I was having a post ride beer yesterday I got to thinking “not only is this delicious but it has water in it!” How (if at all) are you counting beer as hydration? It does have some degree of diuretic effect, but 16oz of beer is basically 16oz of water. Thoughts?


Covered in the last podcast, iirc depends on abv?

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Guinness is Good For You the old ad line goes…

It’s pretty simple, don’t use garmin for tracking hydration as there are much simpler ways of doing it (hint: look down when you’re having a pee). Post ride beer on a warm summers evening is always a good idea!

Whilst there’s a lot of truth in that, urine isn’t always a guide to hydration. Chad touched on it in a podcast a while ago and Google has brought up similar:

IMO a beer or two post workout is an ideal recovery drink but like most things in life, taken to the excess you lose the benefits :beers:

Try one of these. Only the Germans could do aa alcohol free sports drink :grinning:


It’s Better to Drink Beer After Exercise Than Water - Health & Fitness Tips (



Beer is very hydrating. No science, just on matter of principle.

yep…I love cycling and running…but no beer…ridiculous! That said Erdinger make a great 5.3% wheat beer - I drink shed loads of it in the summer!

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There is no reality where drinking alcohol will be “better” than water or a CHO drink. There is not a single benefit to alcohol
Stop lying to yourself to have a beer. Drink the beer if you want the dang beer

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That Spanish researcher @khg links to above says it is, so it must be true :wink:


There is no reality where drinking alcohol will be “better” than water…

Beer has some carbs and salt in it, which is good after exercise. So weak beer’s maybe better than just water in some circumstances. (Of course, you’d be better with water plus calories and salt from something else.)


True, but I still maintain that it’s a sight better than Garmin’s estimate which is pretty much just a random stab in the dark!

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Yip, apparently on my 1.5 hour endurance ride last night I consumed 400 cals and drank 1,125ml. I had nothing :joy:

I can confirm this is a thing. In the thermal baths of Erding, the town near Munich the beer is from, you can get a bottle of that in one of the saunas. Also, you can get the real deal at the bar in the pool. After judo practice during uni we’d often have a beer in the evening.

But I reckon the most appropriate beverage would be a Radler, which literally means cyclist. It was invented at the beer garden that was closest to my high school. It is half beer, half lemonade and traditionally served in 1 l mugs.

We call them a Shandy in the UK. When I was a kid it was an acceptable thing to drink when I was out with my parents.


Of course not I think we were all just being facetious…but then I’m no pro so beer it is! :beer: :beer: :beer:

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