Light Beer vs Non-Alcoholic Beer

There is something relaxing about cracking open a beer at 5 o’clock (sometimes sooner) to start off my night. I tend to do this about 3-5x a week. I have a few friends who recently switched over to non-alcoholic beer when it comes to daily indulgence and they love it. I feel like I’m more interested in the act of drinking then the alcohol itself (hence light or zero alcohol beer).

Has anyone ever seen the research on the marginal difference non-alcoholic beer makes over something like a low cal Michelob Ultra? I’m curious of its effect on performance/recovery as well as general weight gain.

Well a Tdf chef recommends it for the athletes after a stage

I was looking into it after I saw a couple of ads for athletic brewing company. The ethanol itself has calories so they can get their non-alcoholic beer down to ~50 calories, Michelob is around 100 a normal beer is around 200. I am in the same boat and just enjoy a beer at night especially now during hot summers.

Still haven’t tried the athletic brewing beers as I can’t get myself to pay 13 bucks for 6 pack of non-alcoholic beer. But if it tastes as good as a regular beer I could be worth it.

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I’m drinking an Athletic Brewing IPA right now. It’s good, comparable to an average Seattle IPA.


I’d list taste as a more-than-marginal advantage!

I feel like NA beers are so far ahead of their light counterparts. There are many talented craft brewers pushing the boundaries. I’d much rather have a Run Wild IPA than a Bud Light.


Huge NA fan—drink one about daily (I don’t drink alcohol anymore). I’m such a big fan of Athletic Brewing’s stuff that I’m now an ambassador for them. Feel free to message me for a 20% discount code off your first online order.



They are both gross. :slight_smile:

Scientifically it comes down to “tastes great!” Vs “less filling!” Lol, I crack me up

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I got an ad for the Athletic Brewing company sometime last summer and I took the bait. I have not been disappointed. It’s a little pricey but man I feel so much better. Doesn’t interfere with training recovery or slow down my evenings with the family like real beer but (IMO) still tastes pretty good. Also doesn’t make me as fat! The wheat beer they did recently was one of my favorites, but I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of them. I’m a regular customer now. They’ve even started stocking them sometimes at HEB here in Texas!

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I recently have been drinking Athletic Brewing’s IPA and it’s really good. I don’t drink it in lieu of real beer on a consistent basis because I don’t drink that much beer. Usually I’ll have half a beer after work. But I could see it being a real alternative if I needed it to be.

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I’ve had Erdinger handed to me after an event, as it’s alcohol free and isotonic (at least how it’s marketed).
If it’s ice cold on a hot day it’s ok, otherwise I’d rather have a proper pint!


Recent convert to the NA club here.

I have drastically reduced my drinking - going from 2-3 beers a day to having had 2 alcoholic drinks in the last 3 months in total. It dawned on me that it was not really the alcohol I wanted but rather the mechanism/ habit that I associated with switching off at the end of the day. I am now still getting that with NA beers.

Seen some great benefits ref recovery and more energy (especially morning ‘clarity’ when I wake up) and also a cut down on additional carbs. I have been drinking Brew Dog and Brooklyn Beer variants in the U.K. but going to look up some of the other suggestions on this thread now :grinning:


I’ve been enjoying the Mikkeller AF and Lucky Saint, both available from Sainsbury’s. has some good stuff too.

Haven’t seen Brooklyn anywhere yet though!

Picked some up in Waitrose last night! 4 x 300ml bottles of their hoppy larger. Tastey!

I also like Lucky Saint but only had that at a restaurant. Will check out the website - thanks!

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Brooklyn SE is always sold out at our Waitrose but I made a happy discovery that Tesco stock it :+1:

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I thought this was about beer :rofl:. In all seriousness if it came down to a non alcohol craft beer vs Michelob/Miller/Coors/other I’d totally have the NA beer.

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Personally, I find Erdinger to be one of the better NA beers. Since we stopped drinking alcohol at home, my girlfriend and I keep a few bottles in the cupboard to have with curries etc.

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Alcohol-free wheat beer is the way to go after a long hot ride. Erding is my birthplace and this comment may get me stoned at the city gates, but try a Franziskaner af if you can get hold of it. It’s less sweet and more beery than Erdinger.


Just tried Athletic Brewing for the first time a few weeks ago and am totally sold on it. The IPA and Hazy are great. I still like a “real” beer and will often have a “real” one first and then follow up with a couple NA’s. Still feels like I’m enjoying a few beers without having to feel like crap the next day.


I’ve been experimenting with low carb beers such as Lagunitas anytime ipa 4% but I’m finding the taste of ALDI’s non-alcoholic roadworks ipa to be more preferable and low carb to boot. No hangover either😀

Big NA beer guy. I’ve tried the craft NA beers, but I prefer Coors Edge. I just like how refreshing an ice cold beer is after a ride. I’ve been known to drink 4-6 after a big day. :slight_smile:

Erdinger is delicious, but twice the cost. Plus glass is a little less convenient.

  1. Coors Edge
  2. Erdinger
  3. Clausthaler
  4. Athletic Brewing Cerveza Athletica
  5. Buckler