Beers with Chad with special guest host Nate (that’s me!)

Tomorrow, Friday April 9th at 2pm Pacific on Instagram!!!


I still like the idea of you one-upping @chad with a higher ABV drink! If you’re going to compete you may as well put it all out there! :laughing:

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Wouldn’t that eventually become “Threateningly Named Cocktails with Chad?”

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@Nate_Pearson some of us are still in mourning over the loss of Spring Classics and this weekend’s L’Enfer du Nord.

Honor the classics, an all Belgium beer episode tomorrow! Maybe start with a Saison, a Hoegaarden, a Tripple, and finish off with a Kriek! So many great beers, so little time :beer:

My glass is ready!


Or, the 10th.

BBQ and ‘fruit juice’ for me :rofl:

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Please can someone post a link? I tried to find Beers with Chad last week, and failed!

Belgian tradition: always match the beer to the glass. Where’s your Duvel? :sunglasses:

10pm UK, perfect.

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Do you follow TR in Instagram? You should get a notification when they start a live video at your local time. Otherwise it’ll appear in your instagram feed in the stories section

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I’m an Instagram refusenik, but I joined just for Coach Chad!! So it could be that I’m completely inept with Instagram - however, I was watching the TR Instagram page last week on my laptop and nothing popped up.
@MDS just mentioned on a call, though, that I should have used my phone…

Should these be watchable post-live? Not seeing any of these unless this is the first one today

I think they’re up for 24hrs unless TR saves or deletes them, not 100% though

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Yeah they’re up for 24h. If you’ve missed the live stream, but are within the 24h, you’ll have to go to the TR profile and then you’ll see the TR badge has ‘live’ on it, if you tap that, you’ll get the replay.


Standing by with my Old Crafty Hen 7%

Nate is killing it :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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This was to much! We need one sober host :joy: :joy:

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Jonathan is the sober one!

Yeah that was funny but Jonathan is needed. So much respect for his sobriety.