Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Happy New… back to it.

Last year I posted about my issues with binge eating and it really never got better, had 3 really good days and the difference in how I feel is immense but there’s a constant battle, so much good food around still from xmas and i would love to just sit and eat all of it.


Hello all.

4 people tracked last week. Come on lets get back on track.

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Hello! How does this exactly work? :slight_smile:

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In and logged the past couple of weeks, cheers for re-invigorating this!

190 pounds after New Years…down to 184 pounds this morning. Goal is 164.

Doggy few weeks for me, COVID and xmas, pretty much destroyed my commitment to this, back in a good place again.
Anyone in the UK from Devon ?

Well it went well from Monday - Thursday and then completely fell apart on Friday and Saturday

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Been stuck at home without a scale due to COVID exposure, but I’ll be back at the gym this week and get weighed in/logged in. Living with family is tricky with all the food temptations, but I’ve been staying active and riding consistently. My next event is in early April, so I’ve got a target date to shoot for.

No, but it is one of my favourite places to ride

Add your name to the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Add you starting / current weight
Add you target weight
Record your weight weekly in the appropriate column.
Discuss in this thread what worked, what didn’t, what was easy, what was hard etc.

Hopefully the community will chip in with support and advice and you feel compelled to stick with the healthy eating habits.

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New week, New opportunities.

Was a lower volume training week for me last week (recovery week) 0.6kg loss.

@KatuskaMTB , @Worth_a_tri both recorded a weight, both made progress :+1:


Thanks @Bbt67 ! This spreadsheet has been really helpful reinforcement for me, good to go through this as a group. Good week for you as well!

Starting to go in the right direction again after a bit of a blip over Xmas.

Gave up booze on the 27th of Dec, which I think is helping to prevent the munchies, but still having some days where i just want to eat the fridge!

Well done on 0.6kg off.

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Me too!

A group of us try to head down once a year for a long weekend.

One long day over towards Haytor and then a couple of days along the coast. An absolutely prefect weekend. Last year we managed to combine it with watching Cav in the Tour of Britain.

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I have signed up to an online nutritionist service. I think that the meal plans look good enough, but the daily calory total seems a little low. I have one of these impedance scales that measure your body composition. While it can be inaccurate, it calculates my basal metabolic rate at 2200 calories, and a few years ago I had my body composition measured in a clinic and they came up with 2400 calories of basal metabolic rate. So, if my meal plan has a total of 2100 calories on some days (other days it goes up to 2900), something looks wrong. I have told the nutritionists about the basal metabolic rate and they just say “nah, not possible, stick to the plan”…
The question is, how reliable are these scales when they measure body composition? Does 2200 calories as BMR look realistic?

I’m in and I’ve added myself to the bottom! Working on getting to 4.5 W/kg this year with a big stretch goal of 5 W/kg (but not sure how realistic that might be).
Started the year at 78.1 kg with an aim of getting myself to 73kg and have been partaking in the Dialed Health shred this month to drop the weight and be a bit more careful about what I’m eating. It seems to be working really well for me!

I workout at least 5 days a week, aim for a 400 calorie deficit (but fuel every workout fully), have ~150g protein per day, drink 3 litres of water, weigh every day and try to make good food choices (via food tracking on MFP).
Currently at 73.7kg as of this morning and feeling great.

What is your height/weight/body fat %?

I am 1,83 meters tall. The body composition scale I have at home says I weigh 94 kilos, and have a 20% body fat percentage. It also said muscle mass is 71 kilos, I don’t know how accurate these figures are.

In that case, I don’t think your BMR calculations are that far off. Remember they are an estimate anyways. I tend to do a simple calculation of around 10-12 times body weight (in pounds). So in your case I would come up with a starting ground of 2068-2482 for a BMR. Now that is basically just an estimate on calories needed to maintain your body weight with no activity. I would start somewhere in the middle, say 2200 cals as a baseline. I would not add in daily expenditure for normal activities into that. Only consider kjs burned on the bike. That would be my deficit to lose. Factor in fueling during harder sessions etc and look at the net loss per workout.

For example, I would eat my baseline cals regardless of any workout done that day. I would only count my ride nutrition against the kjs burned for each workout. So if you did a 90 minute ride and burned 800 kjs but took in 300 cals for the session you would end up with a 500 cal deficit. I would still aim to eat my baseline 2200 that day so technically I’d have a total of 2500 cals if you count the stuff during the workout.