Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Awesome, thank you. I’m going to try it out tonight while I do my TR workout.

Not what I described, it is more what you are reading in it.

Not what I wrote. I lost between 0.5-1 kg a week initially and stabilized after dropping ~7kg

Maybe you just don’t like cheese? Again just a random snippet of what I wrote. My lunch consisted of 3 slices of bread with butter, ham, cheese, peanut butter and a bowl of soup.

Huh what? Is your problem that I eat chocolate every day or that it is only 1 square?

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Sorry I singled you out. I usually avoid threads like this for a reason and it sounds like you guys have it all figured out so I’ll refrain from commenting kn anyone’s diet.

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not a problem. I am always happy to hear other thoughts, would be good if you could explain your comments.

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Ok I’ll try to elaborate a little.

I feel like I have a good factual understanding of diet and have applied it. I also live with a perfectionist vegan nutrition snob that happens to be a cyclist.

Anyway, it’s just hard for me to watch people that are trying to improve athletically or “lose weight” hamstring their efforts by eating too little to support a sustainable diet and provide energy for exercise, then make matters even worse by choosing to eat food that is not very nutritious.

Want to get skinny? You have to completely change your relationship with eating and nutrition imo.

The problem isn’t the chocolate, the problem is disordered eating and the psychological factors behind it. This is a serious issue that nobody wants to talk about but please think about it.

For example:

Last thing sorry to be blunt but I’m a blunt person by nature and I come across badly online lol


Ok let’s just focus on this part then. Following the link you posted, these are the elements of disordered eating:

How do you get from me eating a square of chocolate with a handful of nuts for desert every day to any of these points? Also if I say I eat this every day, that is of coarse not literally the case. For example we have been out of chocolate now for a week and will pick it up next Saturday again when I do the groceries. For now I am adding a bit of dried mango with the nuts to replace the chocolate. Also if I had a larger dinner, I might skip the nuts desert altogether. And who knows in a couple of months I might be eating something totally different. It is simply what I do most of the time at the moment.


Thanks for this.

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Don’t thank me! Thank @Bbt67 who has been supporting this thread through making the check in sheet

Good luck!

Scale hadn’t budged down since January 2nd. Now, this is also largely because I loaded creatine the week before last and am now on a maintenance dose. But was pretty happy to wake up and see that I dropped a couple pounds this morning. I can also now officially say that I’ve lost over 30 pounds since getting serious about my weight around October 12th.

It’s crazy to imagine that I was climbing hills with 30 extra pounds of fat on my body. Likely more since I’m confident I’ve gained some muscle. It’s also crazy to think that I’ve got a significant amount more to go. Day by day!


I’ve been motivated to get leaner as I’ve put on 10 pounds the last few years and like Ollie of GCN I grow tired of getting dropped when the road goes up. I’ve swelled to 175lbs/79Kg from my normal 160lbs/73Kg and have found myself not wanting to enter races or rides with much climbing. Not a healthy way to look at cycling imo.

There are other discussions about this but, what is working for me is non alcoholic beer. What’s interesting is the act of opening and drinking a couple feels very similar to the real thing and it actually satisfy’s my craving. Why is that interesting? Is it alcohol or just the ritual of drinking that I crave? IDK but, an old friend told me the same thing about smoking. She missed the smell, feel, handling the cigarettes as much as the nicotine.

Besides the savings in empty alcohol calories I am not partaking in my real nemesis…salty snacks/chips (crisps) for you on the east side of the Atlantic. So for me drinking NA beer has decreased calories, reduced storing carbs as fat whilst my body metabolizes alcohol and ended craving for salty snacks!

I’ve done all this before with really amazing results. I would caution those going down a weight loss path: It took months to register any meaningful change in the mirror, on the scale or via how my clothes fit. After approximately the fourth month I rapidly started seeing a change. As insane as this sounds I’d recommend putting the scale away and reduce cardio until you get your nutrition and portions figured out.


100%. I just ordered a few cases of athletic brewing co and I’m really excited! Cutting alcohol helps exponentially. I also snack less


sounds like the paper towel roll analogy: you’re taking off a sheet per day and can’t tell much initially, but once the roll is getting thin then each sheet removed is noticeable.

I’ve been taking weekly measurements with body tape since 10/12 and it’s really gratifying to see the changes over time.


It’s not being blunt or not. It’s that the way you phrased your feedback is read like an attack. Your initial posts “are you freaking kidding me… you should be honest with yourself” is not constructive nor is it directed towards a point. It’s exasperating your opinion on what mrpedro’s mental state is and furthering that with a negative connotation.
I jumped in late but I can see this is an accountability thread to discuss what we’ve done, works, and doesn’t work. Nobody’s saying to refrain from this thread either but if you have something to positively affect someone’s comments rather than accuse mrpedro of disordered eating, that will be much more welcome.

Example: “I don’t think bread, butter, ham and cheese is a good strategy. If you substitute that with a handful of almonds (fats) some air fryer sweet potatoes, air fryer broccoli (carb and veggie), and some tofu or chicken might serve you better”

Sorry @mrpedro if I am stepping on your toes but I do think this was an easy example to offer “blunt but productive” feedback. You’ve definitely responded very calmly!


So glad I found this thread! I’m trying to improve my body composition and lose 10kg (78kg → 68kg). It’s been a real struggle. I’ve added myself to the 2023 Weekly Check In sheet.

The holiday season was very difficult for me, as I managed to put on 1-2 kg between Thanksgiving (U.S.) and New Year’s Day. I’m hoping this thread will bring some accountability and also help me develop better habits as we cheer each other on.


I don’t mind people being blunt, as long as it makes sense what they say.

Bread for lunch is also a Dutch thing and there is nothing wrong with it. Also we are not talking US ultra-processed bread with sugar.
Sure, you would be missing out on nutrients if you would only eat bread, butter, ham and cheese. While the alternative with vegies, potatoes and chicken could be eaten every meal. But I am getting that in the evening .

Since I wrote that up, I have started weightlifting again. It felt that my body fat was now low enough that I shouldn’t just restrict calories but also do something to maintain/build muscle. That means I am now not only focusing on the quantity of food but also protein.
These days one of my goto lunches consists of 500 g of French cottage cheese, with an apple, banana, orange and a handful of almonds.


Anyone tried using the calculator in the 2023 weekly check in?

I used the 2022 one a few times as i dropped more weight and needed to adjust my calories accordingly. I’ve just put in my height 178cm, weight 81.9kg and targeted deficit 500 calories and its reporting its reporting taht i should be eatting 1620 kcal and warning me thats too low.

The only way i can get it above the warning level is to do a deficit of 100 calories. which seems off as it would take me 30 days to loose a lb is that was the case.

For calorie calculations I like to use 11-12 Cal per lb body weight per day as maintenance. This does not include any exercise so need to add energy for workouts on top.

It is also interesting to see how for example being 20 lb over weight actually means you are eating only 250 Cal more every day. Eating 250 Cal less will eventually make you loose 20 lb.

Here’s a fun calculator:


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Reposting Link for Weekly check in


Thanks for reminder