Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Great post, thanks!

It is hard to estimate the calories for my daily activities. For example, I do my shopping in a nearby supermarket without a car, so I take a 5 minute walk there and back with groceries. I suspect that many of these little things add up so 2200/2400 kcals as a baseline doesn’t seem crazy high.

I also double checked the scales and they have a calculation of BMR of 2200, so it matches what you said.

I added 4 hour rides in the weekend, and I expect the energy burned in those to be about 2000-2400 kcals. The plan allocates about 2900 kcals of food for these days, which seems a bit low.

I’ll give them feedback depending on how I feel after a week or two …

Everyone that has recorded a weight so far for this week has lost some weight. Well done all.

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Added myself to the spreadsheet.
Been consistently 94-ish kg for the past month or so, and about 8kg up from a year ago.

Added myself to the spreadsheet. Initial weight was a bit lower than I thought I weighed.

Has anyone used beeminder or stickk? I’m thinking of trying to abstain from icecream for February and it seems like it could help. I have a bad habit of stress eating a pint of icecream or box of TJ’s icecream sandwiches.

Not my best week - but glad to have the group accountability, will be back on track next week.

Great work @Bbt67 and @Worth_a_tri !

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I’m removing myself from the spreadsheet. I’ve been on a weight training program and, as a result, do not seek to lose weight for a while until I’ve hit my strength targets.

Best of luck to everyone and i’ll likely rejoin in a few months when my goals will shift back to de-fatting!

Bought a new bike. :grin:

Set myself the target of being below 72kgs (and better weather) before I ride it.

Best two weeks of weight loss ever!



New week.

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Added my name to the bottom of the sheet. I’ve posted ^way up there^ a few times. Last year was a fight to lose any weight for a number of reasons, mainly stress & a lack of structured eating :rofl:

In January of this year, I started 16/8 IF which really helped me develop disciplined eating. I also started doing strength work & I’ve dropped a little over 20lbs so far.

I’ve been in a pretty serious caloric deficit for most of the year, however. This has not been kind to my bike training but that’s ok. my body feels great & it has really helped lift my mood. I’m beginning to add in calories & more properly fuel my ride time. I’m condfident I can actually get to where I want to be & I honestly can’t remember a time in my life I’ve felt this way.

Hope others in this thread are experiencing success in their respective losing efforts!


I gained 1.3kg but that was expected as I was Carb loading for Manchester Marathon and then there was a couple of meals out after the Marathon while staying in Manchester. Should be back to where I was by next week.

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I’m having to take a few weeks out of watching weight as I got knocked off and am now in a leg brace! My new bike got delivered today so once it’s been Invisiframed it’ll be great motivation to get back to 73kg!


Went skiing, ate junk, put 1.3kgs back on.

Not sure I can make it to my target weight before my summer events without impacting my training, but going to get serious about what, when and how much is going in and see where I end up.

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Is there a 2022 version of the spreadsheet?



Alright joining up with my shipwreck


Ooof… up 10 pounds (4-ish kg) since my last (and also first) check in back in January.

Been having a real tough time with stress eating… I have to rebuild my MFP tracking habit and really start reducing simple sugars.

Oof, this thread is exactly what i need!

Really been testing my will power this last year or so. House move kinda knocked me off the band wagon.

Started at 118kg back in 2016, dropped down to 79kg in 2018 for an event i was training for, then the house move saw me get up to 92kg.

Managed to get myself down to 85.4kg as of this morning, and aiming to get back to 80kg or so!

Picked up a set of garmin scales so i can weigh myself every morning and it’ll auto upload which is nifty



I’ve rejoined this. Entered in my data from when I’ve started a few months ago. Happy to continue tracking weekly like previously.

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Let’s do it guys. Have updated the spreadsheet. Have not made any progress that has stuck with this but motivated to give it another shot with the crew. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you making some great progress in a very stressful patch! Well done!!

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