Online fitness, nutrition, etc "coach" with TR?

Hey all,

I know this has been asked before, but wanted to post specifically what I’m hoping to find, and see if anyone else has success with this.

Personally, I’m in need of some accountability right now, both with training and nutrition in particular. As far as training goes, I love doing TR, and so want to keep that up, and then add in some accountability for both running and strength.

Then, I’d love to find someone that is somewhat knowledgeable about nutrition and could help me stay motivated to eat well. Probably would include looking at some sort of food tracker.

Does this exist? Tried going to a custom gym in my town here, but doesn’t seem to be something they do, and don’t see anything specific for around here. Any of the cycling specific coaches don’t seem to be into TR.


My fitness pal. Weigh your food and track, track, track. And be honest about what you eat. Don’t expect to lose the weight in a flash nor should you when you did not gain it overnight.

Stay away from foods that have a lot of worthless calories. Ie. Chocolate, ice cream, soda, fast food.

I am a creature of habit and have oats for breakfast and usually a smoothie with chia and hemp hearts for lunch along with legumes and nuts.

And drink at least 72 ounces of water.

Edit: just my experience and I am not a nutritionist. Was 200 lbs in 2016 and slowly lost 10 lbs a year and now 170 and been there for last 2 years. 6’ tall