TR forum: all-time favorite threads

The forum came right when I started on TR. I had great times here and learned a lot. There were no outside workouts, cool down/warmup extension, plan builder, and hundreds of podcast episodes less.

Now I was recently reminded of an old discussion and thought to throw some of my favorite threads together.

Do you have a favorite yourself?


My favorite threads are the long running ones where smart people do their best to wrangle, still unanswered, questions about training methodologies; interval length, rest length, periodization, pro training, etc.

I like when someone goes against the grain and dares to question the herd. Right or wrong we learn better from those people than we do from nodding agreeable seals barking their approval of what everyone else already said 50 fucking times already.

I like the threads where people share their struggles in cycling and real life, makes me feel less alone and not dread life quite so much.

“The tragedy of it is that nobody sees the look of desperation on my face. Thousands and thousands of us, and we’re passing one another without a look of recognition”


Any thread that sryke starts, you know is going to be amazing. Pro/elite training hands down is the best thread on any forum.


I think race threads are fun to read an analyze.

OTOH I loathe FTP threads.

The meme thread for sure.

I also like the pain cave thread. I like to get ideas for my setup.


VO2max threads.

And of course the “I :heart_eyes: Carbz” thread.

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Your FTP improvements and What PR did you hit today. I think it’s useful to get out of the realm of theoretical hair-splitting sometimes and see people actually getting after it and finding what works for them, plus a lot of us can be pretty self-critical so it’s nice to see people celebrating their achievements.


Not cycling related but my favorite “show us your cats, kittens & felines”. Thanks @mcneese.chad !!!

Show us your Cats, Kittens & Felines


Anything involving the sadly removed member Old but not yet dead. Often abrasive, but well worth this entrance fee.

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Ramp Test threads. Can’t get enough of them!!!

This all day every day.

Aside from the meme thread (always good for lifting the spirits) I find the stories / ride reports on this forum really inspiring.

Case in point; the recent reports by @Aeroiseverything of his riding in the Alps. :grin:


Very happy this finds a Place in favorite threads-thread :relaxed:

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The cat thread.
What workout did you do today
Where did you ride outside
And the random XC threads