Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Does anyone think this would work for them? Or perhaps an accountability thread as a whole. Personally I have let my weight creep up to the point where I am in the overweight BMI category and know exactly what I need to do to lose it, I just need to stick with it. I’m aware that at this point my weight is becoming a limiting factor on my performance. Does anyone have any suggestions for an accountability style thread or is in a similar boat and wants an accountability buddy?

At the same time (and I think this might be one of the things giving me a little friction when trying to track what I eat over a long period with the mindset of losing weight) I am aware of how dangerous eating disorders can be as someone who was very close for me really suffered for a long time so I am cautious of the idea of comparing etc etc.


I’ve also allowed my weight to creep up since December.


@Thomas_slater I like the idea and would be up for it. Wouldn’t mind losing 5 kgs. :slight_smile:


Yes count me in too. I’ve got 12kg to lose.


Would definitely join. Lockdown has actually helped me be consistent with my tracking thankfully.

Personally have made a pact to follow my training plan, track everything I eat with a small defecit and as much of my food being fruit and veg as I can to get those nutrition AND calorie density gains for the next 90 days and then see where we are at. 90 Days bring me to my birthday so I wont forget it. :slight_smile:

Focussing on progress not perfection (if i really want to do a certain type of ride with friend instead of whats on the plan or if ive hit my calories but theres one spare beer going i will go easy on myself and not let that derrail the whole thing) and of course pay attention to how my body is finding this.

What is your plan?

Might be helpful. I’m down about 12 pounds from last year. I’d line to drop 6-7 more to get to an even 175, but they are awfully stubborn.


I am here for weight loss as much as I am getting a little faster. So yeah I am in. I crept up when I first started TR I think because the intensity of the efforts made me hungry all the time and I wasn’t paying attention. I started logging so we will see how it goes.


I really need to start logging again. It seems to keep my beer and late night ice cream consumption under control…


I’d be in too and having some form of accountability partner or thread may make it more of a focused effort. :grin:

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I am in. I’d like to lose another 5% body fat, according to my scale. I’ve been trying for the last 2 years. Maybe this would give me the push.


I’d be game…I’m looking for about a 10 lb loss before my “A” race that isn’t going to happen

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Coaching works in part due to being accountable for the work. I think applying this to weight loss is sound. Maybe post a pic of the scale on June 1st with a brief goal. Update on the 1st of each month…I don’t really want to participate but, I need to. I’m doing good with power and training. Not good with how much and to some degree what I eat.

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Go for it.

This works really well for some people. About a decade ago I started a private facebook group with a dozen friends. It grew to maybe twice that size and is still going.

During the most active period we had 7-8 people posting weight and BF% daily (*) along with their daily workouts (sort of like the what ride did you do today thread on TR).

(*) The frequent posting and accountability is important. Daily is too often to track weight changes, but it sets the accountability and creates the habit. Weight loss is all about setting a good diet plan, sticking to it and making it a habit. These tricks are meant to help establish that routine. When your good diet become routine its no longer a burden. It’s just something you do.


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I am in. I am looking to lose another 15 or more pounds before October. Down 10 since the beginning of Michigan’s lockdown. I am starting to feel myself slip and my motivation dwindle.

Im down

Definitely game for this. Got 9 kg’s to lose. Posting scales every week?

An example of progress not perfection mindset that I’m trying to maintain throughout. My brothers birthday today, my housemate made us all a big veggie cooked breakfast. Of course I don’t know the exact kcals but can find something there or thereabouts in my fitness pal. In the past have got discouraged by things like this and just given up but not this time.


It’s my wife’s birthday today and I’m not going to count anything.

I figure it’s healthier to have an occasional day like this than potentially stress about going over. Every other day in the past two weeks I’ve been under and am about 2kg down.


MyFitnessPal is a great app for this