Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

I’m in, I was hoping this thread was going to be ran again this year. Will update my number in a minute :sunglasses:

Haven’t been consistent enough. Am back to calorie counting as of today.

I generally eat to plan but as soon as im tired/stressed, it goes out the window.
Looking at my MFP records, I blow and think ‘f@*k it’ about once a week and that undoes all the good work previously.

Consistency is key but im struggling.
Any tips?
I don’t think November in the UK helps much - shorter days etc…

Build more treats into the plan? I eventually figured out that I was always going to have a blowout if my plan was too strict. So instead of having a huge blow out once a week I’d let off steam with regular small treats at times when it wasn’t too bad. Having healthyish snacks around the house like protein balls or homemade granola bars also helps.

And yes, the days are ridiculously short in UK right now! There’s definitely part of my brain that thinks I should just be sitting in front of a fire building up my fat reserves for spring…

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Yep - every time you’re stood in front of a cupboard about to snack ask yourself two questions…

  1. Am I really hungry? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. And
  2. Will eating this help me achieve my goals?

Takes some practice but you can get into the habit.

Another good one - always eat up to your MFP calories and don’t sell yourself short as the calories allowance each day is already based on you losing weight.

And if you go for a longer term view with small drops each week I think you’ve got more chance of making it IMHO.

That said I may have to rejoin the spreadsheet myself. Lol.

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Don’t under eat at the beginning of the day with the intention of restricting overall calories - I often do this and find myself hitting the biscuits in the evening (which is the absolute worst time to do it) after a “good” day.

Eat appropriately early (perhaps even a little over what you think appropriate) and I would wager that weekly binges decrease.


I am back in. I’ve been away. Spent the summer coaching a NICA team and then had a major health issue which only underscored the goals I had set when we first set the spreadsheet up.

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Finally able to update and have. Its been a crazy few weeks.

I’ve been off the bike but for the past few weeks I’ve been hitting the gym harder. I’m going to aim for weight loss over time rather than prioritizing too much. Want to hit the strength targets from TR first then start harder dieting after that.

Glad to have you back. Your ‘between us we have lost the total of……*insert something funny’ was so much fun first time around.

Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hoping there has been positive progress. :pray:

Howdy, also making a return to weight loss, after struggling a bit recently. After 2 years of reversed periodisation, in winter 2019 I reverted to traditional base and went from 80KG to 75KG by March 2020. Then lockdown happened and instead of racing I trained for a higher FTP, I eventually hitting 72.5wkg.

I’m 5’11.5 and an endomorph shape. Many - 25! - years ago I found it easy to pile on muscle and weight for Rugby to 87kg, but struggle to lose weight.

Anyway, to support racing in 2021 I hit more carbs and ended up at 74.5KG with some very successful racing, but by the end of October off season I quickly ballooned to 76.5KG, so now I start to get back down to an anticipated race weight of 74KG.

Starting traditional bases with a low carb / high protien (1.8g/KG) diet back to a calorie target and removing alcohol as before I’ve actually put on 0.2KG over three weeks despite having a weekly deficit of around 3500 cals. Yikes! I’m really hoping my body just in the rebound/winter/panic phase of my body storing fuel before my reversion of diet and training deficits properly kick in. Reading the above though I see some people have far quicker results.

Here’s hoping I can get to race weight before the Spring races in March! Any tips that don’t involve near starvation are gratefully accepted.

Edit: I should add, I’m turning 50 / Grand Vets in March 2022 so a lifestyle with warm evenings and little shot of something is never far from my mind :D. Must resist…


I’ve also always gained muscle easily by lifting weights, even now at age 53. Unfortunately for those with that predisposition, losing weight doesn’t get easier after age 50. Good luck!

Yeah, I’m often jealous of the skinny cyclists that stuffing their faces at the cafe yet constantly at 65kg :smiley: I wouldn’t mind so much if I was blessed with awesome power to offset my weight but I’m not.

Anyway, time for 2hrs training low behind Coco on Zwift in the cold mancave!

I would say my current tip is discovering My Protein Diet Whey which has green tea extract - which heightens metabolism a bit - being the same price as normal Whey. The measure does say “two scoops” which translates as doubly expensive, but look at the macros- 2 scoops is 40g protein - you only need one scoop for 20g for recovery making it the same price.

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Yep, same boat here. Turned 50 last month and it’s noticeably harder to lose weight by just riding a ton than it was even a few years ago. Fell of the wagon, put on maybe two kilos over the past couple months and am trying to settle back in slow and steady. I’m 6’1" and about 215-220 now and built fairly burly.

So I’ve been overthinking this in kind of an intense way and would be really interested in what other people are doing. I’m on the trainer 5 days a week, usually by 6:00AM so I can get a full ride in before anyone else wakes up. 60-90 minute rides weekdays, 90+ minute rides over the weekend.

How’s everyone fueling? I messed around with intermittent fasting, but then I gorge myself even more later. So I’ve been starting the rides without eating if less than 90 minutes (really focused on Zone 2 rides now), then eating a decent breakfast after. For longer rides, I’m eating an energy bar as I hop on the bike, then breakfast after the ride.

Basically, I’m stuck between lowering calories enough for weight loss while eating enough to maintain decent workouts and I feel like there’s very little middle ground there for me. I’m either not eating enough in the morning then overeating in the afternoon, or I’m eating too much in the morning and still eating a lot in the afternoon. Otherwise, I just end up tired and lethargic.

No real question there, I guess, but man this stuff is hard. I’m trying to really focus on whole/low energy density foods even more, but then there’s always more prep time. Oy.

I have definitely confirmed what I have been told all along: you can’t put exercise your diet. Especially since I have a sedentary job which has provided for the family but now that the kids are grown I’m pondering doing something else. My wife has reentered the workforce I can afford to make a lot less. Just need to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. In the meantime I need to eat the right stuff.

Checking in this week.

I’m 2 weeks into an 8 week strength training block. The block is 2-4 weeks breaking into weight training with the final 4 being a slow transition into a Linear Progression strength training program. This week I’m also going to begin cycling again but will err on significantly less hours than I aimed for in the past.

I’ve set my calories about 500 under maintenance and am focusing on a more protein focused diet with higher carbs and lower fat. The focus right now is building strength and maybe a bit of muscle / recomp away from fat. This is also to create a time where I focus on being better in terms of diet (cutting out high satiety, low nutrition foods) and building better habits and food choices in the kitchen and when going out.

I’m not really expecting much weight loss for a while. My past success in weight loss came after almost 4 weeks of no changes to my weight despite hitting my diet targets consistently (-800 cals a day) That said, I’m not aiming at weight loss but fat loss with strength gain. Current goals are to get to level 3 strength standards from TR but then transition into goals focused on more powerlifting and mobility standards (squat/deadlift/bench goals of 1.5x, 1.8x, 1x bodyweight). I’ll also be focusing on a harder diet once I hit those TR strength standards. Want to build a base of muscle first then go from there.

Good luck to everyone this week!

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Similar. Tried intermittent fasting a few years ago and for me it wasn’t compatible with training for performance which requires you to fuel your high intensity workouts and fuel your recovery. My current approach is similar to yours. If it’s genuine Z2 (solo or with people I trust to stick to the ride plan) then anything up to about 2 hours I’ll do fasted with a double espresso beforehand. Longer than 2 hours then at the moment I’ll eat something beforehand and fuel during, but over the next month I’m planning to transition to starting those rides fasted and then beginning to fuel around the 90-120 minute mark. I refuel immediately after all rides to make sure I’m recovering properly for the next session. So a 2 hour Z2 fasted ride in the morning will be followed by a pretty substantial breakfast. This also helps to stave off the likelihood of binging later in the day. If it’s a high intensity ride then I’ll fuel properly before, during and after. Also doing some lifting a couple of times a week and have upped my protein intake to avoid feeling hungry and hopefully minimise any muscle loss.

Did this approach last winter and it worked pretty well both in terms of body composition and also performance.

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anything over an hour spin round the local park will get a lot of carbs in from sugar water/ a few bananas or porridge etc. Workouts feel so much better nicely fuelled. Still straight forward to be in a calorie defecit for the day if you are smashing in veggies and cutting out oil or other very calorie dense things. Its just doing it consistently that i struggle with. Would highly recommend anyone trying to lean out to have a good look at a calorie density chart.

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Doing well overall but struggling to quell my late-night hunger - which means more often than not I’m grabbing a handful of bran flakes w a little granola and some unsweetened soy milk at 10p before hitting the sheets at 11p… There are worse snacks and worse late-night cravings - and maybe I need the calories… but it feels more like a habit and something that could net me some loss at the end of the week if I didn’t have it. How do you tell if it is “real” hunger or “mouthfeel” hunger/habit? Is it bad to have a late snack if it helps you sleep better?

For reference, I’m 6’3.5", 189lbs - 42M - trying to get back to my racing weight of 170ish, which I haven’t seen in four years… SSB MV, 280ish FTP. Sedentary work life.

I tend to defer to fizzy water and black grapes. One hydrates and fills me up, the other is satisfactory sweet carbs. There’s no science in my choice, it just works most of the time.

Happy New… back to it.