Week off between plans?

I’m about to finish my SSB1 LV plan. The last week of the plans looks like it’s just endurance workouts (though at a glance they look to be “harder” than typical recovery rides).

Should I take a week off prior to starting SSB2 LV, or does this week of endurance count as a rest?

If more background is needed: I’m 41 (age being a recovery factor, figured I should note), have been cycling since May. I’m not suffering any soreness and the last few workouts have been a bit tough, but nothing that I “feel” the next day–I’ve also been doing an extra 1-2 endurance workouts per week on the off-days.

I’m 53 and rolled straight through SSBLV1 and 2 and Sustained Power Build (also LV) with no problems. YMMV.

It’s really up to you… Personally I’m a big believer in taking time off in the off-season. Your body needs time to recover not just physically but mentally. If this is where you are at or how you view your training plan you may want to consider taking some time off. If on the other hand you view this as rolling one phase to another you can keep going.

Are you asking because you think you need it or you feel great and want to keep going?

I’m 43 and don’t take an extra week. There’s nothing in your post to suggest you need time off to me. The endurance week is your recovery week. The endurance rides are there as low level efforts to help maintain the aspects of fitness (e.g blood volume) that would fall off relatively quickly.

I’m 55 and at the same point in my plan. I’m doing the endurance rides as I’ve done on previous plans. It keeps my legs turning and I don’t feel like they they tax me at all.

Great question…

My first instinct on reading this was, “oh, it’s because I want a break,” but on thinking about it honestly: I actually think I wanted to hear that the “right answer” is to keep going immediately if I feel up to it. The idea of not riding for a week is making me a bit twitchy.

I think I’ll do the endurance rides and then just roll into SSB2. :smiley: