SSB Rest Week coincides with MTB holiday

I am currently 3 weeks in to SSB part 1 LV. There are 2 more weeks then I go into the rest week where the TSS is about half. This coincides with a week in the Lakes in the UK where I will be taking my mtb. It is a family holiday so won’t have loads of riding but would imagine at least a couple of rides of about 75-100 TSS and one longer ride which I would guess would be about 200 TSS. this will clearly be much above the rest week workouts. I’m not missing out on the mtb time!

My question is do I postpone the rest week until the week after I get back or skip the rest week and go into SSB 2 when I get back.

I think the rest week after I get back makes most sense but wondered what people’s thoughts were who are more experienced than me with the training plans.

I would certainly take a proper recovery week before starting SSB 2, as it’s a bit more demanding than SSB1.

If the terrain / your riding plans allow, then I would take your recovery week whilst you’re on holiday riding the MTB. MTB generally amasses lower TSS anyway so if you’re taking it steady, see it as a nice break before the next block.

Just see how you feel after the week in the lakes? Maybe you don’t get to ride as much as you want, and feel fresh, or maybe you randomly land on a horror climb and feel like more than a week off!