SSB with interruptions - Should i skip recovery week?

I’m currently in week for of SSB LV1.
I did week 1 to 3 uninterrupted, then went skiing (pretty intensively) for a week, followed by a week of business trip abroad.
So far, so good, week 4 has started, and if anything, I feel better than by the end of week 3.
The question remains: “should i follow the plan faithfully, and have a proper recovery week in week 6, or should just move on swiftly SSB LV2?”
My heart says the latter, my brain, the former :slight_smile:
Thanks for your input!

If you’re not squeezed for time due to a particular event, I’d probably repeat week 3, then do 4 and 5, then have the prescribed rest week before SSB2.


It’s the accumulative effect you need to watch as you continue with your plan so I’d follow the plan

But then I’m 52 and take a cautious approach as my overarching aim is to avoid injury and illness which to me is one the cornerstones of successfully maximising gains.

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Aaaand, that’s where I realise i should have asked BEFORE going into week 4 :man_facepalming:

I will probably do that. Screw my heart, I’m not that young either, so no point trying to over-reach