Move from SSB MV1 to SSB MV2

Does anybody miss the rest/easy week between SSB MV1 and SSB MV2?

I have a feeling I’ll go backwards if I do the easy week rather than just go straight into SSB MV2


Your body adapts and you get faster when you recover, so typically no, you don’t want to skip the recovery week. If you’re not feeling fatigued after five weeks of SSB1, start with a few days and see how you feel.

(Personally, my recovery week after SSBMV2 is starting next week and I am so excited about it :star_struck:)


Thanks for that, I’ll take a look. I just feel fine enough to do a ramp test on Tuesday so was curious about the merits after SSB Mv1. I know I’ll definitely need it post build and speciality

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You can always add aerobic rides on top of the mid volume plan if you feel like you aren’t getting enough TSS. That’s what I do and it’s fantastic for upping volume without jumping to the HV plan.


What’s your ratio of indoor to outdoor rides?

I would just do a week of aerobic outside riding to refresh you…there is a lot more intensity in MV2 so you will need to be fresh for it…and is there any hurry? - isn’t like we can race at the moment!

I interpret your “missed week” different. Was it that the week 6 of SSB1 went by that you didn’t ride or that you wanted to go from week 5 SSB1 to week 1 SSB2?

in the first case, I’d go right ahead test and rock SSB2. In the second case, better take the recovery week (as mentioned above)

It’s the latter, just wondering whether to have the rest week if I feel fine or move straight into Sweet spot 2. Some good advice out there, it’s easy to forget we ride indoors to be faster/stronger/fitter outdoors so maybe take the time to ride outdoors for once.

If you don’t take the rest week, you’ll do 8 weeks of continuous work. I think that’s a recipe for burnout even if you don’t feel tired now. I also think your ramp test will benefit from the easy week even if you feel fresh now. In my view you’re better off recharging, smashing the ramp test and then doing a solid 5 week block on the best new numbers you can.


Are you talking about a voluntarily rest week with no planned rides or the TR scheduled week which usually has the same time allocated but much easier workouts? I wouldn’t think a week off is needed but the TR planned easier workouts I’d do.

All good advice, I think the next block is going to be tough so regardless of how I feel now, I know I’ll feel fatigued at some point during the next training block.