Wahoo Tickr longevity

As great as customer service is at Wahoo (i also had two tickrX replaced for free) i cant believe how bad the quality of the Tickr (1. Gen) actually is.
Too many times unreliable, disconnecting or not connecting for no reason, or falling apart.

Is this actually better with the Gen2?

My experience mirrors many others, Tickr is low quality junk, at best.

I have two Garmin straps, both are working perfectly, one is five years old and still perfect.

Do the planet a favor, buy once, buy right. No need to clog landfills with millions of dead Tickrs…


My Tickr is 4 years old. 2 battery changes in that time. Gets used pretty much daily for running & cycling. Never dropped a beat.

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Which models?

I’ve had mine for 3 or 4 years, lots of use… I’ve ridden with it in the rain a lot and never had any trouble with it. The original strap is almost done, the sensor pads are peeling off so I replaced it with the cheapest generic one I could find on amazon. Strap comes in the shower afterwards and usually gets tossed into the washer after any big rides. I’ve also started giving the tickr a squirt of water after I take it off the strap and then I towel off that water.

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I think it’s a HRM3-SS? Hard to read the micro writing. I also have a new Dual Bluetooth model for the trainer.

I’ve had issues with the Bluetooth on Zwift, but that was software on the laptop and Zwift issues. Strap has been faultless.

I posted on this on the previous Wahoo Tickr dying thread. It’s very difficult, as one person has a faultless unit, the next, horrible. I suspect the original was mostly junk, possibly sealing and QC problems.

My sample size was everyone one I know who owned an original Tickr had them fail quite rapidly. Maybe 4 people total. 100% failure rate. Of the same group of people, all now have the Garmin strap. All still working perfectly.

Again, the very next post will be someone saying they’ve had a Tickr for 8 billion years and they use it to belay climbers on Mt Everest with zero issues… so who knows.

For me and the small group of riders I know, the original version was terrible. I imagine it’ll be a while till we know if the new model is reliable.

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I find the straps to be the weak link. Whenever I start getting wonky hr readings, first I try a new battery. If it happens again on the next few rides a cheap ~$10 strap replacement from amazon. Never had to dig further. Seems like I’m going thru straps indoors at the rate of 1/yr (much cheaper than a new unit, and it’s not like wahoo is getting my money). If it’s not something obvious on the tickr unit, like rust inside the battery compartment or the electrodes breaking off, give a new trap a try.


I have had two TICKR’s. One came free from Strava back in maybe 2015. It’s going strong now. I left it on a trip and a friend now has it, and it’s working great for him (with his Garmin strap).

The second is 2 years old (as I bought this to replace the misplaced first one), and also going strong.

Both have had a battery or two replaced in them.

I do have the original straps from both and a genuine extra strap from amazon for $20 (so 3 straps), and then also bought one of these knockoffs. This knockoff works exactly like the others. Bonus too that they offer them in bright colors so easier to find in your gear bag.

Totally recommend getting these (or another seller, as this one seems to have put shipping up).

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From AliExpress?

@stannoo - yes, link in the posting.

The same sellers tent to sell on amazon and aliexpress, and I just prefer aliexpress these days.

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Thanks kiwifyx. Link wasn’t working for me but I recognised the AliExpress layout!

Strap ordered - will be here for Christmas :grin:

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Once I changed the battery on mine it just hasn’t been the same. I also lost part of the plastic that holds the clip on, I’ve superglued it several times but it just comes off.

The connectivity seems to be 50/50 now. Once it’s connected it stays connected but being time crunched I am finding myself leaving it off more often than not now. :disappointed:

Definitely not the best wahoo product I have bought. Not super expensive though so it’s not the end of the world.

Bought the newer model tickr in April or May I believe. Didn’t use it a ton, and it stopped working a month or so ago. I changed the battery, and the lights came back on. However, when I tried to use it the next day: no lights and no recognition by my wahoo elemnt or laptop. Wahoo hasn’t responded to my support question about whether this is a common issue in a few weeks; would like a new one, or if prevalent, refund to pick up a different meter.

It was time for my annual replacement purchase this weekend and it looks like Wahoo is out of stock on the regular Tickr. I ordered a Garmin Dual to try. Haven’t had a Garmin in a few years.

Data is not the plural of anecdote.

My TICKR has been flawless for about 18 months. Many others have too. But many others have failed miserably. Does that mean quality is great, or quality is miserable? Neither… without data on the overall Tickr “population” we have no idea as to what percentage fail and when.

I had the same issue some weeks ago, I though it was dead when it stopped working after changing the battery, since it’s also more than two years old.

However, upon closer inspection, I saw there was some corrosion/gunk on both the sensor and the strap contacts so I cleaned them thoroughly with a small brush and some spray for electric contacts and it has been working perfectly since then.

In addition, I’ve adopted @rkoswald advice and also started cleaning the contacts after (almost) every ride with a piece of paper towel.

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