Wahoo Tickr alternatives

Hey folks - moved from ant+ on a macbook to bluetooth on an iPad for connecting sensors. Had a garmin HRM without BLT, so bought a Wahoo Tickr to connect to the iPad. The Tickr strap broke after 4 months (crazy considering my garmin one is going strong after 2 years) The design of the Tickr (with the strap connecting using the blt transmitter) seems bound to be less durable. I logged a ticket with Wahoo (no response as yet (is their support getting worse, or is it just me?) Any recommendations for good BLT capable HRMs?

I’m also in the market for a new HRM. I’m done with Wahoo, I need quality & reliability.


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I’ve been happy with the latest Garmin BT+ANT strap.


I’ve used a Garmin HRM since I started cycling (2009).
Until last year I have only had 2 Garmin HRM’s, not because they broke but because of an upgrade (Garmin 800 to Garmin 1000). They both still work.

Last year I bought Wahoo Bolt (head unit is absolute bliss). And 1 month ago the Wahoo Tickr that came with it went loco. Flatlines etc…

Bought the Garmin HR Dual last week (BT for ipad connection), happy with it!

After 3 failed Tickr + TickX, I switched back to using Garmin HRM about 9 month ago.

I do make sure that I wash the strap with soap after each ride and keep the actual unit disconnected from the strap when not in use.

My n=1

I swapped from an old Garmin ant+ strap to a Tickr for the Bluetooth about 18 months ago. The Garmin was still going strong though.

Just before Xmas was having issues with wild readings with the Tickr so purchased the new Garmin dual ant/bt one but have yet to use it as all I did was put the Tickr on the new Garmin strap and it has been fine since. I’ve not even fired up the Garmin.

I’ll stick with Garmin HRMs for the foreseeable future.

I use the Scosche Rhythm24. Arm band rather than chest band but said to be very accurate. No problems with it.


I bought a replacement strap thinking the dodgy readings were due to the strap. Nope it was the unit that’s crap! Back to the old trusty Garmin strap.

Second the Scosche Rhythm24…rechargeable, no restrictions on chest, ANT/BLE comaptible, gets about 24 hours use per charge.

Highly recommend the Garmin HRM-Dual.


I have used a Wahoo Tickr for 5 months with 0 issues.

I switched from Garmin after 2 failures to the Tickr. Zero issues with the Tickr. Weird.

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I generally prefer Wahoo products over Garmin…but I think Garmin straps are superior to the Tickr. I started having intermittent connection issues with my Tickr after a couple of years…just replaced it last week.

That said, if your issue w/ the Tickr was the strap, you can use a Garmin strap with the Wahoo Tickr body. I did that for a number of years with my first Tickr.

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I have had a couple Tickr’s but I replaced them with the Tickr Fit arm band. Can’t say enough good things about it. I use it on my upper arm under my jersey and it works great. Just have to make sure it’s charged and your good to go.

I have a Scosche Rhythm24 as well and it’s great too. I just prefer the Tickr fit as it’s a little slimmer and more comfortable in my opinion.

I’ve been using multiple cheap HR straps with my Tickr purchased from eBay for around $5 each. Only seem to have issues when the battery is getting low. Something like this, multiple sellers have them - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123732717049

I like the Tickr, but the snaps are way too delicate. That said, if I can get a year or more out of the Tickr, it’s probably good value given the cost of the equivalent Garmin and Polars. So now I’m on my third Tickr in three years even though I am not a Wahoo fan…

+1. Tickr snapped onto the Garmin strap is best of both worlds. IMO both products have design flaws that seem to me obvious. The Tickr relies on the snaps themselves to keep the strap on, and they just don’t – so the strap flies off regularly. The Garmin avoids that by its simple 100% reliable hook and loop. But to change the 2032 battery, you have to find a jeweler’s screwdriver and loupe and remove 4 microscopic screws – and then replace them without losing them. I couldn’t believe anyone let that go out the factory when every other device has the standard plastic disk you pop open with a coin.

I hope it isn’t because the other two had broke.

I got a year of two a day work with no connectivity issues out of the first one. I got 16 months riding five days a week and zero connectivity issues out of the second. Just bought the third last week. But yeah, snaps on these things suck. I might try the Garmin replacement strap with the Tickr next.

Truth be told the second one was “free” from CT VIP points.

I’ve been using my Tickr X for over two years with no problems. The Tickr does look more flimsy than my old Garmin HRM but I think it’s a good value. Just handle it with care and keep it clean and you’ll be happy with it.