Wahoo Tickr Questions

Hello All!!

So I have a wahoo tickr I use when I am on the trainer. I just wondered if anyone else has one and if it eats up batteries? Mine seems to go through a battery about every 3 weeks?

Anyone else notice this?


I haven’t changed my tickr battery in years, and it gets used 3-4x/week.


Wonder why mine is crapping out so fast then.

I had an issue with my first TICKR X and opened a ticket with Wahoo… they then sent me a replacement which thankfully has been behaving ever since.

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Yup - raise the issue with Wahoo or the dealer you bought it from… they’re very good at putting things right.

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Will do thanks!

Forgot to say: My tickr has gone over a year now without needing battery replaced. I’m also a Wahoo dealer and have only had one come back to me, for which we received a replacement very quickly to keep the customer happy.

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I just replaced mine after about 6 months. I will reiterate what others have said on this forum, that you should contact Wahoo about the frequency of battery replacements.

Hope it works out!

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May be a silly question, but do you disconnect it from the strap and wipe off any sweat after use? It may not shut down if it sees any electrical connection between the snap terminals.


That is a great point! The salt may be interfering with the strap. You could try cleaning the strap off!

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I wash my strap and TICKR X in the shower with nothing but water after a Ride/Work out!


Has anyone else had their device give inaccurate and infrequent signal? I’ve had mine for about three years I think and it always worked great. Used about 2-3 times per week, always rinse off the strap after use. No salt, fresh battery. Lately it gives a heart rate reading in the 60-80 range which is not even close to accurate and frequently drops connection with my devices (iMac for TR and Fenix 3).

I guess its useful life is over and I need a new one, which for the reasonable price is fine. But if anyone else has experienced something similar and knows of a fix I’d love to hear it.

I’ve had this happen, I found that putting electrode gel helps sometimes. Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+ for the Mac app? TR struggles when I have both on in my experience, where the TICKR will show up as 2 or 3 separate devices, only 1 will have show my actual heart rate, and TR always seems to pick the one with a static HR to get data from.

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