My Wahoo Tickr X v2 is driving me mad! Replace or fix?

I have a Wahoo Tickr X v2 that I’ve been trying to get along with but it keeps upsetting me. The main problem is that it’ll start reading low but not stupid low - it’ll tell me my HR is about 120 when I know it somewhere closer to 150. I think it might relate to a low battery condition but then it needs some sort of reset to return to normal after replacing the battery. I swapped it under warranty already. I’d really like it to work but I don’t think its meeting me halfway in this relationship.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there another HR monitor I should buy? I can go all old man on this - BACK IN MY DAY WE USED ANT AND IT LASTED A DECADE AND NEEDED A BATTERY CHANGE ONCE A YEAR.

Anyway, I’d appreciate hearing some other experiences.

I’m having the exact same issue. I got the same model and the heart rate data is often too low or it drops and I have to click it in and out to pick it up again. I only really notice it when on TR and zwift or when running(mainly dropouts). I don’t look too closely at outside rides but have not noticed major issues. Not saying there aren’t any, and I assume there are. But on a quick glance it looks about right.

Had same issues with wahoo tickr v1. The battery does seem to drain faster than my ‘old’ Garmin hr straps.

I’ve often wondered if it is that I have a dodgy pack of batteries that are the issue or or there are issues with tr and wahoo hr. If there is interference. I’ve a total wahoo system. Kickr and headwind and ELEMNT bolt for outside. Or if I’m a salty or very big sweater which wreaks the monitor. I’ve spent so much time trying to figure it out. In the last week I got a Garmin duel ant and bt hr strap and it has been faultless. But the tickr x is less than 2 years old. For context I use TR on my iPhone.
Overall it’s been a frustrating experience.

I have given up and accepted that I am going to have to replace them once a year or so. I’ve tried many different HRMs and they all die on me eventually. I’m lucky enough to be in a situation where buying a new one causes me less stress than trying to fix the old one, but it does bug me that no one can make one that lasts (for me).

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I got through 3 Tickrs under warranty then just gave up and replaced the last one with a basic Polar chest strap. The Polar seems to go through batteries quite quickly, but otherwise has been entirely unproblematic and was not expensive.


I’ve gone through so many Tickrs (v1 and v2) that I’ve lost count. Wahoo does have great customer service and always replaces them no questions asked, but their reliability doesn’t seem to have made any improvements over the last 5 years.

2 years ago I got a Polar and am so happy with it. No need to pre-wet the electrodes, quickly establishes an accurate measurement, good battery life, and most importantly it just works every single time I put it on.


The issue is often the strap, not the TICKR itself.

That might be the case but I think different monitors have different tolerances so I might swap monitors and resolve the problem.

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My tickr failed at the suds after less than a month. I managed to get it reading correctly by using wd40 on the studs. The studs were subject to electrical rust. After 10months or so I got more fluctuations in readings I tracked it down to the battery cap and temporarily fixed it by adding something between it and the battery. It wasnt ideal though and the whole unit died a few weeks later. I got a warranty replacement but in the meantime I got a polar h10 faster and have been using that for the last year. It can occasionally read low if I am not sweating enough but it, touch wood, is usually flawless.

I’ll put in a vote for 4iiii’s viiiva, it just works. I put on the strap and my heart rate shows up a few seconds later, no wetting contacts or anything like that.

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I got the Polar H10. I’m still in the honeymoon phase but its been flawless…although I did need to use the app to enable dual bluetooth. I even tried the HR strap I had been using with my Tickr, not a problem.

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I had a v1 that worked well for a few years, bought a v2 and it didn’t work, bought another same thing. Bought a garmin and went back to not thinking about my HR strap.

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I had a Tickr and it was garbage - after a short while readings were all over the place. Replaced it with a Polar H10, which was garbage too. Similar problem, or didn’t work at all. Now replaced with a Garmin Pro, which is working perfectly.

I’m convinced that the problem is the stud connections. Just seems like a real design flaw to me, with the amount of crud that can get into them and the difficulties in properly cleaning inside them. The Garmin is more like the traditional solid unit. Problem solved.

I lost my V1 and replaced it with a V2. Ended up finding the V1 right around the time the V2 started acting up. No hiccups with the original.

I’ve thought about throwing the V2 on the “Pay It Forward” thread, but honestly I don’t want to give someone a piece of junk.

Time for my semi-regular unpaid promotion of the Polar Verity Sense. Works perfectly and the battery is rechargeable via USB.

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I agree my verity sense has been flawless. After several failed wahoo devices.

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I had a Wahoo Tickr, it was good for 1 year and then broken (even with a new battery). I bought another Tickr and it worked for ~3 months before problems arose. I bought a Polar H10 and it has been amazing for about 3-4 years. No issues whatsoever. You just replace the battery about every year or so. Works perfectly. Picks up HR immediately. Get it.

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