Wahoo Tickr longevity

I’m now on to 3rd or perhaps 4th Tickr. I like them but they don’t appear to last long. The latest is approx. 6 months.

I change battery but something just isn’t right. I’ve tried the reset protocol without success.

I know I’m a “heavy sweater” and have thus tried cleaning the contacts but no joy.

Anyone else have problems or any additional suggestions?

Weird. My Tickr is probably several (more than 2) years old, and I haven’t had a single problem with it.

Do they die shortly after changing the battery? If so, then that sounds like either the O-ring is getting slightly dislodged when you open / close the battery compartment or possibly something is getting caught and keeping the battery compartment from sealing completely.


I’ve had my Tickr for 3 months:

  1. the plastic tabs on the strap have already broken/split (apparently a very common problem);

  2. during indoor rides signal will drop 10-20bpm about 6x/hr; outdoor rides usually ~2x/hr. Even with new battery and/or a reset.

It’s the cheapest HRM out there and it shows. On the hunt for alternatives.


I’ve had my Tickr for 2 years and I’ve changed the battery once. Funny this thread came up because last week one of the button broke and I had to super glue the plastic for the contact to work. Otherwise, never had any problem.

I’ve had mine for 18 months with heavy usage indoors and outdoors as well as use it every morning to measure HRV. I’ve had no problems. I’ve replaced the battery once. Current one is at 41%. Love how TR tells us the battery level!

The contact patches are just slightly separating at the end, but no issues on performance. I’m also a heavy sweater.

Maybe mine was built on a Friday. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I usually get about 12-18 months out of them - but when they break in under a year I’ve had zero issues getting Wahoo to send me a warranty replacement

If you have your receipt you can get a replacement sent to you pretty easily

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Too bad I didn’t keep my receipt. Guess I wasn’t expecting to need a replacement 12 weeks in. Oops.

Garmin’s new strap looks inviting.

Did you buy online? I just sent them a screenshot of my amazon order - you might be able to do a credit card statement as well. Can’t hurt to check with them

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I’ve had a Tickr for three years and haven’t had any issues unless the batteries were low.

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The Heart rate monitor itself I’ve found fine. The straps on the other hand are a piece of shit. The contacts corrode from sweat and snap off the strap. I’ve been through two official wahoo straps that have done the same thing. They last around a year for me then it happens. I’m currently using a 3rd party strap I got from amazon that works with the tickr. Seems fine so far (time will tell). It was cheaper than the official ones.


Had my Tickr about 3 years, no problems, used every day


My 2 cents. Have had mine for 2 years. Still keeps on Ticking (he he)

The strap is long in the tooth tho. May need a replacement in a few months

I’ve had mine for over 2 years now and infinitely better than the Garmin that preceded it. Do you wash the strap and if so how often? I use mine 5/6 times a week and pop it in the wash every couple of months or so (when I remember that it is)


Perhaps earlier models (c. 2016/17) were constructed better than later models (c. 2019).

Rinse my strap after every use. But as far as I’m aware, plastic does not corrode; it does, however, split and crack.

No issues on mine thus far. The strap is beginning to fray, though.

My first one had a plastic piece break off after one run. I put a bandaid over it and it worked fine for about a year, then it crapped out… new battery didn’t fix it.

New one is now going on about 9 months and it’s working well. The Tickr is the best HR strap I’ve used, as much as I dislike giving Wahoo money anymore.

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I’ve got a TickrX and it’s roughly 4 years old, still looks like new. Had two Garmin straps in that same time period. Using the Wahoo for trainer rides (Bluetooth), and I have a slight preference for the Garmin HRM.

I’m on my 3rd HR strap in 2 years, but my Tickr has been going strong for the past year plus. I had a Polar and some cheap off brand, both of which failed on me and consistency issues.

Mine’s about 18 months old, only gets used indoors (use a Garmin outdoors but it only has ANT+ and I needed BT as I run TR from an ipad). Plastic connector cracked and got super glued a while back, contact pads are peeling off, and it’s stopped giving a reliable enough reading for HRV, though still seems to work OK for TR.

Definitely not the highest build quality, but then they are about the cheapest on the market. My Garmin strap is 5 years old and is used for all my outdoor riding and running, which is maybe 75% of my training time, so has done a lot more hours with no problems. Will probably revert to Garmin when the Tickr completely dies.

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